By jroberts - 25/01/2011 15:25

Today, I was watching TV in my living room while my wife was cooking. I began to smell the aroma of her potato soup, which made me hungry. Suddenly, I realized that the smell wasn't my wife's cooking but was in fact my body odor. FML
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w2z1 0

That poor wife...

Ewww I can't believe you said that smell made you hungry.


Nasty!!!! take a shower!

m0tl3ycru3qwr 0

we all forget sometimes

Indeed. But how do you explain YOUR pic ? I don't think it's for style, so I would be curious to hear what you have to say :-)


ew poopy

yeah bro take a shower, use some body wash

daysgoby902 6

that's so gross

daysgoby902 6

I don't get it

Yeah, and my body odor smells like a cheese steak sub. Take a shower and get a snack, problem solved.

ahhh gross. take a shower & use deodorant

Lucie_love 4

Well at least you didnt smell fish

w2z1 0

That poor wife...

Brannie 4

do you smell what the Rock is cooking?! :D

He's Dwayne Johnson now. The Rock doesn't exist anymore. *starts sobbing*

wikkedphuka 0

disney takes ur soul lol n i faved this one lol

abi96 0

one word. shower.

talktomandybaby 8

that was 3……

actually I'm pretty sure "shower" is only 1 word.

ImNinja 0

only from a bieber fan

Lynx Potato

Ewww I can't believe you said that smell made you hungry.

youfailed18 0

I wish my body odor smelled like some sort of food! Like a Snickers!

youfailed18 0

I wish my body odor smelled like some sort of food! Like a Snickers or something.

that's gross

theblackhannah 0

#9- I know right! Or something fruity like a starburst!

I'd want to smell like cat food so I can get some pussy. win!

You can't say "win" to your own comment. You fail at the internet. Please leave.

lobojojo 1

I would agree smelling like some kind of fruit would be fun :p

KingDingALing 9

#32 is correct. You have to learn the rules of the internet. The most important rule of the internet is: Never flirt with someone you don't know. It may very well be a fat man, sitting on his chair, eating a big bag of UTZ potatoe chips (Salt & Vinegar of course :D), trying to get your address so that he can come stalk you, and possibly rape you. And that was your daily internet fact of the day. Brought to you by Ling-Ling.

BAHAHAHA that's not the first rule of the internet, you silly git. The first rule of the internet is: Women are men. Men are little boys. Little boys are FBI agents. I know it looks like three rules, but trust me, it's one.

LOL @ 23, that is win, why is everyone giving ths guy thumbs downs?

KingDingALing 9

So then doesn't that make everyone a homosexual pedophile, Doc?

Yes. Yes it does. Except me. You sick, dirty, twisted fucks.

KingDingALing 9

Are you implying that there's something wrong with being a sick, dirty, twisted fuck? Shit, more then half of the people here are sick, dirty, twisted fucks. There's a sick, dirty, twisted fuck in all of us! :D That includes you, Doc. >:)