By bad son - 14/06/2012 17:42 - United States - Baldwin Park

Today, it's my mother's birthday. She received the ultimate gift from my brother, who told her he had just been accepted into medical school. I bought her scratch-offs. She won a dollar. FML
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MrRager7 1

I would have gotten her something more sentimental. It's your mom, not your friend.

lorenzoman77 7

It's the thought that counts right? Well it's your mom, I'm sure she loved your gift regardless of what it was. Wish her a happy bday for me!


sorry ,hope u win next time

DontModMeDammit 10

Anyone else wondering what the ultimate gift was? I'm gonna guess chipmunk num-chucks.

12 - Uh, it was the fact that he was accepted to medical school... Try reading the FML before posting next time.

DontModMeDammit 10

14 - didn't think that itself was the gift, you don't need to be a bitch because I slightly miss read the FML.

Damn_Hippster 11

17- I'm pretty sure that was the gift itself. Being excepted to medical school is quite the accomplishment and obviously the mother is proud of her son.

syley 5

1) it's not a contest

23) OP was talking about the lottery. Derp Derp. 17) Dont swear at someone because she corrected you; you know the old saying about arguing on the Internet. Derp Derp.

23-#1 was talking about the scratch-offs. It was still a stupid first comment, though. 24-A little derp happy? Herpa derp derpin' derp derp?

She can put it towards the cost of medical school.

Kn0wledge123 21

Get in school or get a job then. Fuckin scratch-offs for your MOM on her birthday?? Asshat

20 - Being EXCEPTED to medical school wouldn't be that great of a thing at all. Unless you didn't want to go to medical school.

Prodigy7 4

Let me end this derp shit: Herpes derpes. That's all.

86, he was accepted, that means he got in you fucking dumbass. I'm 7 and I easily understood that you tool!

Exactly. Accepted. Not excepted. You fucking dumbass 7-year old.

17 - And you don't need to be rude when I'm correcting you. 97 - If you were my 7 year old, you would have one massive bar of soap in your mouth!

gabe222 25

Sounds like a Christmas gift my dad got for my brother and I. All losers...

GVirdi 11

It's the thought that counts

Hey you can win like a million dollars from a scratch off be happy he gives you something you can make money off of.

fylx100 19

55- But he didn't win any money. Isn't that why he said "all losers" or did I read it wrong?

gabe222 25

You are correct, all lost so pretty big bummer. Didn't say I didn't appreciate the gift. A gift is a gift no matter what it is. Could always get nothing.

68 unless Gabe was describing his dad, his brothers and him. OH SNAP

lorenzoman77 7

It's the thought that counts right? Well it's your mom, I'm sure she loved your gift regardless of what it was. Wish her a happy bday for me!

^another one loses the shirt, sigh... *shakes head and walks away*

Because going out of your way to let a stranger know you dislike his personal profile picture makes you look any better.

I wouldn't have if the picture was of rocky balboa.

"another kid with a meme dp... Sigh"

It totally is the thought that counts. I got someone 10 scratch-offs once. Didn't win anything at all, but he was still happy to have gotten anything at all. I'm sure your mom felt the same. :)

32) would Peter griffin turn your head? o.O

Whoa whoa!!! How was his the better gift?

That's not putting thought into it. That's going to a drug store and spending a dollar on a lottery ticket

SulakaChewbacca 3

There's always next year.

Damn_Hippster 11

4- I just want to point out that you have a great taste in music :) and no, I'm not a stalker.

Saying you're not a stalker makes you seem a hell of a lot like a stalker...

MrBrightside21 20

And I'm totally not a stalker either. (Yes I am)

At least it's better than nothing!

At least buy her a gift card or somethin if you can...

olpally 32

I would have bought her a $5.51 card from hallmark... :D

Brothers, they always gotta try to be Mom's favorite !!! Lol

According to OP's name he is also a son.

Yes, but I'm pretty sure 6 was talking about some sibling rivalry. Being a son doesn't mean you can't have brothers.

Yes but OP is also a brother- shouldn't he be the favorite then? There's a contradiction in 6's comment

Hence what I said earlier about sibling rivalry.

bitch_pleez 10

Kinda ironic "Senseless" is the one making sense here...

It goes the same way with sisters and dads

ethanbin - Any male is a son. What the hell are you trying to say?

OhDearBetrayal 25

It's okay, gifts don't mean that she appreciates or loves one of you more. Your brother just has a more successful way of showing it.

MrRager7 1

I would have gotten her something more sentimental. It's your mom, not your friend.

To make up for it, [if you want] buy her roses and take her out to a nice dinner! Her birthday isn't ruined yet!

GVirdi 11

And if he's broke he could make something by hand, I'm sure OP's mom wouldn't mind if it was a day or two late

what_ever2007 11

Well, at least you got her something! :)

A dollar! Hallelujah! She's rich! Filthy fucking rich!