By bad son - 14/06/2012 17:42 - United States - Baldwin Park

Today, it's my mother's birthday. She received the ultimate gift from my brother, who told her he had just been accepted into medical school. I bought her scratch-offs. She won a dollar. FML
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I would have gotten her something more sentimental. It's your mom, not your friend.

It's the thought that counts right? Well it's your mom, I'm sure she loved your gift regardless of what it was. Wish her a happy bday for me!


sorry ,hope u win next time

Anyone else wondering what the ultimate gift was? I'm gonna guess chipmunk num-chucks.

12 - Uh, it was the fact that he was accepted to medical school... Try reading the FML before posting next time.

14 - didn't think that itself was the gift, you don't need to be a bitch because I slightly miss read the FML.

17- I'm pretty sure that was the gift itself. Being excepted to medical school is quite the accomplishment and obviously the mother is proud of her son.

1) it's not a contest

23) OP was talking about the lottery. Derp Derp. 17) Dont swear at someone because she corrected you; you know the old saying about arguing on the Internet. Derp Derp.

23-#1 was talking about the scratch-offs. It was still a stupid first comment, though. 24-A little derp happy? Herpa derp derpin' derp derp?

She can put it towards the cost of medical school.

Get in school or get a job then. Fuckin scratch-offs for your MOM on her birthday?? Asshat

20 - Being EXCEPTED to medical school wouldn't be that great of a thing at all. Unless you didn't want to go to medical school.

Let me end this derp shit: Herpes derpes. That's all.

86, he was accepted, that means he got in you fucking dumbass. I'm 7 and I easily understood that you tool!

Exactly. Accepted. Not excepted. You fucking dumbass 7-year old.

17 - And you don't need to be rude when I'm correcting you. 97 - If you were my 7 year old, you would have one massive bar of soap in your mouth!

Sounds like a Christmas gift my dad got for my brother and I. All losers...

It's the thought that counts

Hey you can win like a million dollars from a scratch off be happy he gives you something you can make money off of.

55- But he didn't win any money. Isn't that why he said "all losers" or did I read it wrong?

You are correct, all lost so pretty big bummer. Didn't say I didn't appreciate the gift. A gift is a gift no matter what it is. Could always get nothing.

68 unless Gabe was describing his dad, his brothers and him. OH SNAP

It's the thought that counts right? Well it's your mom, I'm sure she loved your gift regardless of what it was. Wish her a happy bday for me!

^another one loses the shirt, sigh... *shakes head and walks away*

Because going out of your way to let a stranger know you dislike his personal profile picture makes you look any better.

I wouldn't have if the picture was of rocky balboa.

"another kid with a meme dp... Sigh"

It totally is the thought that counts. I got someone 10 scratch-offs once. Didn't win anything at all, but he was still happy to have gotten anything at all. I'm sure your mom felt the same. :)

32) would Peter griffin turn your head? o.O

Whoa whoa!!! How was his the better gift?

That's not putting thought into it. That's going to a drug store and spending a dollar on a lottery ticket

There's always next year.

4- I just want to point out that you have a great taste in music :) and no, I'm not a stalker.

Saying you're not a stalker makes you seem a hell of a lot like a stalker...

And I'm totally not a stalker either. (Yes I am)

At least it's better than nothing!

At least buy her a gift card or somethin if you can...

I would have bought her a $5.51 card from hallmark... :D

Brothers, they always gotta try to be Mom's favorite !!! Lol

According to OP's name he is also a son.

Yes, but I'm pretty sure 6 was talking about some sibling rivalry. Being a son doesn't mean you can't have brothers.

Yes but OP is also a brother- shouldn't he be the favorite then? There's a contradiction in 6's comment

Hence what I said earlier about sibling rivalry.

Kinda ironic "Senseless" is the one making sense here...

It goes the same way with sisters and dads

ethanbin - Any male is a son. What the hell are you trying to say?

It's okay, gifts don't mean that she appreciates or loves one of you more. Your brother just has a more successful way of showing it.

I would have gotten her something more sentimental. It's your mom, not your friend.

To make up for it, [if you want] buy her roses and take her out to a nice dinner! Her birthday isn't ruined yet!

And if he's broke he could make something by hand, I'm sure OP's mom wouldn't mind if it was a day or two late

Well, at least you got her something! :)

A dollar! Hallelujah! She's rich! Filthy fucking rich!