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  Vimy  |  6

22's idea seems pretty legit. I mean, what if the sister instead meant "list of potential grooms FOR OP", where all the previous ex's were candidates but are now crossed out and replaced with OP's fiance!

By  nchov523  |  11

If your sister is a young child, take it as a compliment that she has a "little-kid crush" on the man (men) you like (liked). But if she's around your age, then you should obviously talk with her about it.

By  panda_lou  |  11

Why would somebody have a book of every guy they think they will marry? Perhaps it's time to have a talk with your sister about keeping her hands off your things, both literally and mentally.

  EyesofStone  |  27

Her things? People are not property. If her sister isn't doing anything to actively get in the way of OP's relationships, then this really isn't that big a deal.