By he's mine - 14/11/2012 07:46 - United Kingdom - Harpenden

Today, I found my sister's wedding book. Inside it was a list of potential grooms; she'd written down all of my ex-boyfriends. And my fiancé. We're getting married in three weeks. FML
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Somebody needs to get her own life.

How old is she? If she's young, it's understandable that she would like the people you dated... Might even be taken as flattering.


Somebody needs to get her own life.

Maybe she's planning OP's wedding?

22 you're pretty optimistic lol

Aww look at 22, trying to save the day!

Or, she might have been sleeping with them O_O.

Just because she wrote their names down doesn't mean she slept with them. If she's your younger sister, it doesn't mean anything if she admires your boyfriends.

22's idea seems pretty legit. I mean, what if the sister instead meant "list of potential grooms FOR OP", where all the previous ex's were candidates but are now crossed out and replaced with OP's fiance!

Whoops, #9 down there already summed it up pretty nicely.

sounds like shes jelous

sounds like you need to learn to spell jealous!

Jealous? No; sis thinks she's "better".

14 I knew I misspelled jealous it's one of the few words I can't spell correctly I'm sorry

26- which is why she would be jealous that OP had all the boyfriends.

#40 in a grammer nazi situation its best to insult the grammer nazi, not appologize. They thrive off that kinda stuff

How old is she? If she's young, it's understandable that she would like the people you dated... Might even be taken as flattering.

Guess they've just got the same taste in men.

At least it's only potential grooms.

Why is everyone thumbing this down its a good point

If your sister is a young child, take it as a compliment that she has a "little-kid crush" on the man (men) you like (liked). But if she's around your age, then you should obviously talk with her about it.

Maybe you should ask her about it.

Why would somebody have a book of every guy they think they will marry? Perhaps it's time to have a talk with your sister about keeping her hands off your things, both literally and mentally.

Her things? People are not property. If her sister isn't doing anything to actively get in the way of OP's relationships, then this really isn't that big a deal.

The big deal is that OP's sister has thought about it, and even gone so far as to make a book and document it. Acting on it isn't so far off.

That's pretty scary. I really hope there isn't a pattern between you and your break ups. If so I would talk to your fiancé, and talk to your sister.

Don't you think she made one for you with all of your ex boyfriends and your fiance? Would make a lot more sense..

That was my first thought too.

You're actually worried that she's going to steal your fiancé/husband?