By Anonymous - United States
Today, at work, the prizes were given to the employee of the month. They come in to surprise the winner and give prizes. They come over to my cubicle and cover me with silly string. Jokingly, I said: "Do you guys have the wrong cubicle? " They did. The guy in the next cubicle won. FML
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By  Demonchild  |  0

HAHAHAHA. Dang i feel ya. sumtin like dat happened to my friend. I couldnt stop laughin cause when he came back from work he had silly string on him. I almost shit myself.
Anyway if i were you i woulda taken the silly string and sprayed it down the winners throat... Or mayby up somewere the light never shines...
Atleast you win here or rather lose i really dont know... FYL so hard so frekin hard. Love it when hopes so high come crashin down

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