By cosmonaut - 07/08/2009 09:18 - New Zealand

Today, at work I noticed that the last of my pencils had been taken from my desk. I assumed it was the coworker who I've talked to at least ten times regarding taking my stationery. I approached her and, feeling brave, yelled at her in front of the entire office. I was holding the pencil. FML
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Owned! But if I were her I'd do it again. Just to mess with you.


YDI for starting World War II

Shut up u stupid bitch stop trying to hack us. Can somebody tell me what op means? I know it means the writer of the fml. To the op: go suck a fat one. It's just a pencil calm down

OP means original poster ;) Yeah you fucked up... YDI

YDI for being gay

Well to be fair, if I had to talk to someone that many times about taking my stuff, I'd automatically assume that person took the pencil. But jeez OP you couldn't have found a better way to deal with the situation?

wut I was going to say but dude seriously. it's a pencil. at least look first before u blow it up

This would make a good rage comic

Owned! But if I were her I'd do it again. Just to mess with you.

The OP is dumb. Way to fucking overreact.

seriously, if it was really her... why would you yell at somebody over a pencil?

i'm calling BS, no one is that dumb.

Where do you live? This isn't even close to the kind of stupidity humans are capable of.

Where's my sunglasses? -look in mirror- Oh there they are

even if she did take it i feel you still would have looked like a dick-head in front of everyone

Are you retarded?

Are you mentally retarded? And also, isn't today the 6th of August?

depends on where you are. where i am, it's the 7th of august.

u posted that on the 7th's a pencil. would asking nicely kill u? if it turned out that she had taken it, then u could have just told ur boss or something. ydi for freaking out and not bothering to check to c if she had even taken it

Boss, boss, my coworker stole my pencil!

Here's 5$ go buy a pack of pencils. Jesus.

Did she take your red stapler too?

hahahaha... office space... awesome ::mumbling::i'm going to burn this place down::mumbling::