By cosmonaut - 07/08/2009 09:18 - New Zealand

Today, at work I noticed that the last of my pencils had been taken from my desk. I assumed it was the coworker who I've talked to at least ten times regarding taking my stationery. I approached her and, feeling brave, yelled at her in front of the entire office. I was holding the pencil. FML
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Owned! But if I were her I'd do it again. Just to mess with you.


Shut up u stupid bitch stop trying to hack us. Can somebody tell me what op means? I know it means the writer of the fml. To the op: go suck a fat one. It's just a pencil calm down

OP means original poster ;) Yeah you ****** up... YDI

Well to be fair, if I had to talk to someone that many times about taking my stuff, I'd automatically assume that person took the pencil. But jeez OP you couldn't have found a better way to deal with the situation?

wut I was going to say but dude seriously. it's a pencil. at least look first before u blow it up

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Owned! But if I were her I'd do it again. Just to mess with you.

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The OP is dumb. Way to ******* overreact.

seriously, if it was really her... why would you yell at somebody over a pencil?

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i'm calling BS, no one is that dumb.

Where do you live? This isn't even close to the kind of stupidity humans are capable of.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Where's my sunglasses? -look in mirror- Oh there they are

even if she did take it i feel you still would have looked like a dick-head in front of everyone

Are you mentally retarded? And also, isn't today the 6th of August?

depends on where you are. where i am, it's the 7th of august.

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vespero 0's a pencil. would asking nicely kill u? if it turned out that she had taken it, then u could have just told ur boss or something. ydi for freaking out and not bothering to check to c if she had even taken it

Boss, boss, my coworker stole my pencil!

Here's 5$ go buy a pack of pencils. Jesus.

hahahaha... office space... awesome ::mumbling::i'm going to burn this place down::mumbling::