By ballthlete - United States - Edmond
Today, the girl I like at work surprised me in the otherwise empty break room. She caught me taking part in what might as well have been the Ball-Scratching Olympics. I didn't notice she was behind me until she cleared her throat to get my attention. Shit. FML
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By  afkwarrior  |  25

Scratching your balls is fine. It's just itching a scratch.
Bit more weird if she was happy to stand there watching you for a little before making her presence known.

By  dracolich  |  27

Scratching your balls in public is disgusting when you're somewhere where people could walk in at any moment. I also hope you were doing it over your pants.

  amsterdamgirl  |  20

ok. I just read the rest of the remarks. and I am just going to say it sometimes things itch I've been known to scratch at my boobs. However well intentioned it pisses some people off. apologise say you had an itch tell her if she's unconfortamble with it you'll do it in private Nd hope she doesn't think less 9f you. FYI women have their itchy places too

  derangedplanet  |  23

Yeah well whenever I scratch my boob for a just a second I get the most uncomfortable looks ever. and yes through the shirt. and women would certainly never get away for itching her pants area for something like stubble itch. just saying. it's blatant. and uncomfortable conversation. but it's true.