By Anonymous - 28/01/2010 08:09 - United States

Today, I found out a friend of mine likes me. It wasn't by a cute gesture like a sweet little note, or a beautiful heartfelt confession like you might expect. He sprang at my boyfriend and choked him (while I strained to pull him off). Right during the middle of our 60+ student populated class. FML
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Dominace in love is a strong thing :D did you go out with the winner?


what if he knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her

I would think that speaking to her about it, if the bf was cheating, would go a lot farther than attacking the bf. Maybe not. xD

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lol wow he really fought 4 his love

I'd recommend a restraining order. This guy sounds more than a little 'off', in a way that will soon see the police searching for either you or your corpse after they find your boyfriend with a cracked skull.

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look I gotta give that guy props he's following his heart and he's tired of all the douchy bfs out there

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Holy shit! Your friend is an animal! I recommend getting him arrested for assault.

Dominace in love is a strong thing :D did you go out with the winner?

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haha this is proof that love hurts.

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...At least he didn't catch you alone? D:

i think that's the end of that friendship

haha fyl the same thing happened to my friend this random dude from our class chased her bf down the road and tried to beat him up :

its funny how some guys think you will date someone cuz they win a fight with ur bf I'm a guy btw it's an observation

I bet he didn't see the 60 people !! that's why they say LOVE IS BLIND ... fyl indeed