By Anonymous - 28/01/2010 08:09 - United States

Today, I found out a friend of mine likes me. It wasn't by a cute gesture like a sweet little note, or a beautiful heartfelt confession like you might expect. He sprang at my boyfriend and choked him (while I strained to pull him off). Right during the middle of our 60+ student populated class. FML
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That's what I'd call tough love.

Dominace in love is a strong thing :D did you go out with the winner?


That's what I'd call tough love.

what if he knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her

I would think that speaking to her about it, if the bf was cheating, would go a lot farther than attacking the bf. Maybe not. xD

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lol wow he really fought 4 his love

I'd recommend a restraining order. This guy sounds more than a little 'off', in a way that will soon see the police searching for either you or your corpse after they find your boyfriend with a cracked skull.

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look I gotta give that guy props he's following his heart and he's tired of all the douchy bfs out there

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Holy shit! Your friend is an animal! I recommend getting him arrested for assault.

Dominace in love is a strong thing :D did you go out with the winner?

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haha this is proof that love hurts.

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...At least he didn't catch you alone? D:

I call rape in the near future

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seventh place

wow combo breaker not funny to break one get a life combos bring happiness to my life :d again from the top first!

beautiful heartfelt confession or sweet little note? please.

i think that's the end of that friendship

At least it wasn't a dumb cliche.

haha fyl the same thing happened to my friend this random dude from our class chased her bf down the road and tried to beat him up :

its funny how some guys think you will date someone cuz they win a fight with ur bf I'm a guy btw it's an observation

I bet he didn't see the 60 people !! that's why they say LOVE IS BLIND ... fyl indeed

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Oh snap.