By Anonymous - 31/12/2012 11:16 - United States - Woodinville

Today, I sat on my own testicles while having a serious and tenderly sweet discussion with my fiancée about our future together. We were both crying, but for very different reasons. FML
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Christmas is over OP, why are you still dealing with nutcrackers?

Shit. Another reason why I keep wearing underpants as opposed to boxers.


Shit. Another reason why I keep wearing underpants as opposed to boxers.

If only they were as attractive as they are practical.

Shrouds 14

dont buy 5 for 10$ packs at walmart or target and actually look for decent briefs and u'll be surprised how good some look/feel

UncleMuscles 5

I got they create shirts that tuck in with attached underpants as to avoid such situations.

Boxer Briefs never present me with that issue

erockinthesuburb 17

You would think that should have been a happy conversation, sans the whole ********-crushing thing...

StalkerChick 13

I think the fiancée was crying tears of joy. "Tenderly sweet discussion"

I interpreted it as OP's fiancee crying from laughing too hard, haha.

Christmas is over OP, why are you still dealing with nutcrackers?

Some people just get wrapped up in the season, I suppose.

hawright 13

I have one really low slung ******** and this happens all the time. It hurts like hell. I feel your pain.

same. I figured my best option was to wrap it around my leg and staple it to my quad

Shrouds 14

thats when wearing the boxers u wore back in middle school need to be upgraded. Briefs and Boxer Briefs from companies other the hanes and FotL are actually better fitting/looking. CK, CIn2 and Aussie Bum are some of my favorites

I don't understand how you managed that... Hope your fiancée takes care of them for you.

You're nuts must hang low and wobble to and fro... I guess mine don't :(

Sensitive in more than one way apparently.

theslimshadylp 6

I have yet to sit on my own nuts in my short life and I hope I never do...

So... Shift your position? Don't just keep sitting there?

You can't understand the duration and intensity of the pain of sitting on your testicles without having them.

Dump herrrrr!!! ***sarcastically portraying people who give such advice on other FMLs***

On other FMLs, there is at least a reason for the dump comments. All OP did was sit on his own balls.

Says Viagra doesn't work LOL you use Viagra? pusssyyyyyyy. And what are you trying to say about the homosexual community?

Schizomaniac 24

Is it? Is it gay, 28? Is Rockstar emotionally or sexually attracted to other Rockstars of the same sex? So what if it is? Maybe Rockstar grew up being judged for it. Maybe Rockstar longs for acceptance and just wants to be loved, but its conservative parents tell it that it has an illness. Shame on you.

Thanks 32, to clarify the rockstar in my name is referring to the energy drink. and I am not homosexual but I definitely do support such discrimination

RedPillSucks 31

Clearly he must dump his balls

Ah, the classic story: Boy meets girl, boy and girl discuss future, boy sits on gonads...

Boy and girl live happily ever after with adopted kids since he can't have his own.