Keep your wits about you

By Rawr - 30/12/2009 01:05 - United States

Today, I was really horny after some dirty texts from my boyfriend. Since everyone seemed to be sleeping, I closed my eyes and started to touch myself. I was really close to climaxing when I opened my eyes and made eye contact with my mother staring at me as I was masturbating. FML
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wintamint101 7

I agree with 93... but why was she just standing there staring? 0.0

It was probably one of those moments where you see something that you know you shouldn't look at, but you can't help but look.

a) lock your door b) why was she stareing

SettoFail 9

There's a subject to bring up at the dinner table. Your mom, "today, I heard weird weird nosies coming from by daughters bedroom. I walk in and realize its just her masturbating. FML"

you better keep an eye on your mom she might like you a bit to much

Yeah, that's awkward. Very awkward in fact!

BrownSugar_fml 5