By Julie - 25/12/2012 03:20 - United States - East Brunswick

Today, I woke up to find our Christmas tree knocked over, unwrapped presents scattered everywhere, and my mom passed out on the sofa with a bottle of booze. Merry Christmas. FML
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Looks like Santa and your mom had a good time.

Your mom knows how to party! Lmao.


Your mom knows how to party! Lmao.

Maybe she parted with that 14 year old and Thomas..

Her and Thomas effed some things up! Lol

I didn't know Kesha had a daughter!

Thomas and a 14 year old? Thats kind of pedo cause its probably a 40 year old mom

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#26_*partied? That was after she walked in to two 6 year olds comparing their wanker sizes.

Looks like Santa and your mom had a good time.

oj101 33

I hear Ke$ha likes bearded guys.

I saw mommy - doing nasty unspeakable things to - santa claus~ underneath the mistletoe last night...

15, if I remember the statistics right the average sex session is between 8 and 10 minutes. Are you one of these people that HAS to go on for longer? I'm not sure if I speak for all women and men but some of us enjoy quick sessions so we don't want it to last half an hour EVERY time. :)

DKjazz 20

I hope Santa"wrapped" his "present".

#73- Win. Hahaha.

Well at least your grandmother in law will have a better view of you when she gets pictures of this. :)

God bless us, every one!

No. Fuck their life, OP!

4 and 43 - ...What?

Awh :( I know how it feels to have Christmas ruined. I hope the rest of your Christmas goes well.

Merry Christmas ya drunken animal.

I know that 19, it was suppose to be a joke because of the mother being drunk but obviously no one got it.

But we know that the mother is drunk. The quote itself is supposed to be used as a joke. By putting a "joke" (as you call it) within that joke, you're going all Leonardo DiCaprio on it and making my head spin.

at least you got presents..?

But now the surprise is gone...

and besides, it's sorta depressing to see your mother like that in what is supposed to be a happy day...

That's one way to do it

Do what exactly?

Ruin Christmas of course!

68-For a moment there I though you wrote Christmas Intercourse. Ha

You mean to tell me that's not a normal Christmas?

No, it's definitely not

Yeah, everyone knows a normal Christmas is when you are surrounded by family members you don't know other than them being at Christmas parties and children crying because they didn't get what they wanted. Give or take a few drunken uncles of course.

The drunken uncles in my family don't show up at Christmas. They show up at funerals. And then have a fistfight on the front lawn. Not joking.

Pick the tree up, rewrap the gifts and call a rehab facility?

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After you give mom a swift Cunt Punt!