By drunkboysgf - 21/10/2011 07:39 - Canada

Today, I had to get my boyfriend's mom to help me get my boyfriend in his house because he was so drunk. He broke up with me for getting him in trouble. FML
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That's fucking ridiculous... You're better off without the ungrateful bastard.

You didn't let him sleep at your place?


You didn't let him sleep at your place?

What a shitface .

Hope you gave him the herp..

1 sounds like they are minors!!

Some girlfriend you are =p

Maybe she wasn't able to for a reason. At least she got him back safely. He's a douche for being so bratty about being told off by his mother.

Because obviously they're both in high school and still living with their parents, and her parents probably don't want her boyfriend sleeping over anyway, let alone when he's rat-arsed.

I would have left him on the door step.

How unappreciative of him.

35, yours are over-waxed. The space between them is too far apart.

I love you 40. Ruining cyber bullies since 1998(:

Here's an idea - stop being overly critical bitches.

Nah, count yourself lucky for the breakup!

Hahha I love Canada. :)

Wtf does this have to do with Canada besides the fact that OP is from there?

I love ignorant people who blame everything on canada

:) I love Canada too, but that's irrelevant to the FML post.

You cam drink legally on Canada at 18. That's why I love it.

Actually, it's only 18 in a few provinces. You have to be 19 in most places.

I live in Alberta. I'm pretty sure is 18 everywhere in Canada. :)

No bitch it's 19 in Ontario.

No need at call me a bitch. Like chill down. xD

Haha, yeah... No. I live in New Brunswick, it's 19 here too.

Come to Denmark, its 16 over here haha

I live in Ontario its 19 ..

What are you like 12?

4, what are you like? Tell me about you...

You're funny

I doubt 12 wyear olds get drunk

Not til they're 13...

Well they do

That's fucking ridiculous... You're better off without the ungrateful bastard.

He sounds like a jerk anyway.

You could have fireman carried his ass in...

He sounds like a bright individual.

Yeah, why didnt you just let him stay at your place?

Shoulda left him on the lawn/driveway.