By Anonymous - Australia
  Today, my girlfriend of a year exclaimed 'Oh my god!' for the first time during sex. Nope, I haven't improved in bed, I recently moved a tv into my room and something exciting happened on the show she was watching. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

Yes, you did improve in bed -- you brought in the TV! I'm sure your gf is thrilled that you are open to the idea of getting electrical devices involved in your otherwise tedious sex life.

You are going to have to demote yourself from the role of boyfriend to being the pimp for a series of vibrators and a series of electro-hydraulic sex contraptions.

I can't wait to see you bitch-slap the Orgasmatron 6900 for not showing you da money.

  luv4xlr8ion  |  0

actually if you know how to use your cock you don't need to touch the clit, but 90% of guys can't 1. make a girl cum and 2. last more than 10 mins lol sucks to be you guys

  luv4xlr8ion  |  0

lol it's funny you leave a comment like that when you're too self conscious to upload a pic of yourselves. I bet both of you are fat slobs who can't get any lovin period.

  MykeLytorus  |  0

just because someone doesn't upload a pic doesn't mean they're self concious about it, I've uploaded pics to the net but not FML. In your case you shouldn't have bothered. You look like an idiot and sound like one too. The ones that brag are the ones that really have no reason too. Nobody wants to hear you insult them as a group. You don't even know who you're adressing-- you're just trolling. Run along.

  justsayfuck  |  5

What about not watching anything on tv at all? And having only eyes for each other.
All these FML's make me feel too old fashioned, what happened to romance? :(

  mitchie11  |  0

23.. this entire website makes me feel old fashioned. Most of these fmls talk about sex with one's own bf/gf and it's just depressing to see how sex has lost its meaning to most of the world.