By FreeToFly3733 - 19/08/2010 11:25 - Canada

Today, I finally found my cellphone when I heard WHACKWHACKWHACK inside the washing machine. FML
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coffee_enima 0

I hope the WHACKWHACK ringtone was free. YDI if you actually paid for it.

YDI for leaving your phone in your pants (whether or not you did the laundry...)


YDI for leaving your phone in your pants (whether or not you did the laundry...)

the_flirtt 0

agree I've left money in my pants but never my cellphone

my ifone once fell off the stairs :| still working

You deserved it for keeping your phone in your pocket. You deserved it for not checking the pockets of your clothes before you wash them. You deserved it for just randomly washing your cell phone. FYL for possibly breaking your phone. FYL for thinking it makes a whackwhackwhack sound.

it could have been worse! it could have been an iPhone! if it was your iPhone, you deserved it for calling it a cellphone.

datdoo 0

YDI for finding your cellphone in the washing machine.

I been there my friend, twas grand after a day or so of dryin out. the same fone went into a swimming pool :D nokias are invincible:P

wait. you were jacking off in the washing machine and you heard your cell phone go off?

yummy_mummy 0

this happened to me a few weeks ago so I know how it feels lol. I posted it on here but it didn't get published 

I left my old Razr on the back of my friends van. It fell onto the road at 40mph and got run over twice... ydi for thinking this story has a happy ending cause that thing was SCREWED

How is this an FML? I mean, it's not if it still works.

it's funny because you washed your phone

d3adb3for3d3ath 0

Yes, he deserved it, but it's happened to me before. ( my phone still worked after, and smelt great too. haha )

sooo you heard your phone whacking off in the washing machine? fyl

Thanks #34... I am the "looser" indeed! :$ That's what I get for trying to "correct" mistakes!

Raleigh_bruh 7

I dropped mine in the pool and it still works! hahaha sucks for u

When you opened the washing machine did you get hit with the load?

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

I've never understood how someone could do that. I take my phone out right away.

That happened to my dad with his iPod. Apparently, his wife thought the iPod was dirty. ^,^

Don't worry it can be fixed. There's an app for that.

brandon425 1

I think everyone leaves money in their pants every once in a while. except your mom.. it's usually in her g-sting :D

comepoopwithme 0

the masturbating phone!!!!! :O

if this happens alot go buy dryer box. it might work.

YDI for leaving your phone in your clothes so when you washed the clothes, the phone went WHACKWHACKWHACK which sounds like sex.

74-don't you mean ur mom thought it was dirty? P.S. your hot!

sorry about that, thanks for the correction 101! P.S. the iPod fml app needs to be updated,it keeps crashing and the keyboard is glitched :(

in soviet Russia phone wash YOU I like pie

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

71- yes I am. good observation.

JustineBieberHat 0

52 iPhone>Droid droid has horrible battery problems iPhone doesn't die from 5 hours of doing nothing on it I have iPhone and my friend has droid

pingpongpenguin 3

that happened to me and it also went through the dryer. but it still worked afterwards

Mjfalcon 8

yeah I left my iPhone 3GS in my pocket, and it stopped working, it was only in the washer for like 5 mins, which is still too long, but I took it to a repair shop and had it in rice and everything. had to spend $200 on a new one. the kicker is my iPod went through the washer AND dryer, it still works fine... and yes I had the iPod and used it to save battery life on my phone, if I have it, why not use it?...

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100 how can u tell she's hot? u can't even see her face?

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aahahaha. Well, ydi cause i spelled it that way on purpose. gaharharhar.

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er I meant #100! not 101! :x whuups.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

tokio hotel ******* rocks btw

YOUR* maybe you should just stop correcting?

Hmm... I hear WHACKWHACKWHACK all the time.

No. I once heard a weird noise from my washing machine. But when I opened it up, a grisley biker jumped out and punched me in the face. Then he pooped out a harely and rode out into the sunset, leaving a trail of sparkly rainbows. And my phone was in there too. :(

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ydi for not putting maple syrup on your waffles

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I hope the WHACKWHACK ringtone was free. YDI if you actually paid for it.

lilweapon 0

wow ur dumb that's not a ringtone it's the sound of his phone hitting the sides of the washing machine...

Raleigh_bruh 7

#31 - That would be a joke, kemosabe. :P

I agree with Fred i never herd a phone go whackwhackwhack in wash but I have in a dryer which means its getting smarter. don't go to sleep tonight.

93 - I know the game your pic is from. I played for a day and teamed up with like 8 people to kill that dragon and then was like "**** this" and quit..I can never really get into a game...

The WHACKWHACKWHACK ringtone is better than the FAPFAPFAP one

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lol i did the same thing a few years ago

When I first read this, I thought there was a duck in the washing machine... QUACKQUACKQUACKQUACK

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same here 12, my iPhone came off my belt and I ran it over with my car

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