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  ihasbrains  |  10

I think we all learned, especially after Steve Job's death, that you don't need to go through college to be successful. A lot of great inventors and stuff got the lives they had because of their passion. That being said, I guess the main point would be that graduating college doesn't necessarily mean you are guaranteed to get a job.

  tjv3  |  10

wow how FMLish I mean your life is pretty much over because of this how sad..... oh the horror.... we are talking end of the world here

By  powersticks  |  16

College is a sham anyway. You rake up tens of thousands of dollars in debt just for a piece of paper and nobody hires you because of it. It would be worth it if college actually taught you live skills.

  nicknackj  |  3

Well why don't you think outside the realm of what you perceive is the norm for one second. Although I am replying to #9 this apllies to the other posters on this thread: do you know exactly what college is for? Everybody talks about how college is the rite of passage nowadays. Apparently you didn't know about the alternatives. For example, vocational schools teach you the skills that you might be referring to. And not all of college is a sham, although if one goes into college without knowing the exact benefits or what to expect, I would imagine you can easily call college a sham.

As for going in debt just to get a good post-secondary education, that choice should depend on the cost vs. benefits. If you believe in risking the payment of thousands in interest, depending on the level of the school you want to attend, and you want to take the time to further your education in your choice, then by all means. Otherwise make a better choice based on what your situation is and what you want. Just don't be disappointed if your job of interest requires less than or more than you put into school, taking into account how sometimes you have to go for more, of course.

Now everyone could just be on #9's back because of his blatant choice of words but I see what he's trying to say.

On a side note, troll fed.

Ok sociology check, macroeconomics check, and debate for the whole thing check. I got my classes covered now. Maybe I'm just a confused high school kid with no clear guidance as to how college works. /Meh