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Today, my wife and I were watching TV. The lady on the show began to talk about how to have a smooth divorce. My wife discreetly turned the volume up. FML
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NeverShoutDana 13

Revenge? When a weight watchers commercial comes on, turn up the volume and give her a look..


I agree take the hint and find someone better than her.

maybe she just found it interesting or wanted to pass some info to a friend. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. it's ops wife. not his girlfriend. you don't just dump your wife on a whim and "find someone better." that's why American marriages don't last worth a crap.

well isn't tht people are supporting and telling you how to be good at getting divorces on tv

^exactly. Marriage isn't "sacred" enough to make a relationship last here in America, yet it's still sacred enough to prevent the gays from doing it.

someone with some effin common sense! lol

no divorce is "successful." it's actually the process you go through when your marriage fails. I do think it's nice there's resources to cope with a divorce (especially when your spouse did you irreparable harm) but to actually call it "successful" is disgusting.

enonymous 8

I would have had a home stenographer for her with 2-3 phone lines and divorce attorneys waiting. Twitter on standby and Costco ready with my alcohol order

juicedboi 7

I hope you said something along the lines of "where's my sammich?!".

IndiRae 9

Or maybe, just maybe, she said to turn it because she couldn't hear what the person was saying, and therefore didn't hear anything about the divorce, just maybe though.

Maybe she was kidding around with him too? Who really knows

WallyTheWombat 0

She was probably just kidding around or she couldn't hear. I guess OP is the one in the marriage so he's the best one to judge how it's going.

...Uh they did. that's why OP's user name is "single"

wow, there may b a hint, but u should let op realize it themself

vergaso 0

ehh.... whenever desperate house wives comes on look at her and tell her to higher the volume

Just keep an eye open dont think nothing of it dot think to much of it. Expect the unexpected to be ready for anything just in case.

JokinglySerious 0

I really hope she was kidding

She's dropping alot of not-so-subtle hints OP. Take them to heart and prepare for her worst.

nilin95 1

good luck your gona need it dude

NeverShoutDana 13

Revenge? When a weight watchers commercial comes on, turn up the volume and give her a look..

A7X_LoVeee 10
dabo_fml 0

6 its would still piss her off

Or when a tampon commercial comes up.

Or when a tampon commercial comes up.

What? She would probably tell him to go buy some for her.

thats what a twelve year old would suggest piss off your spouse in a marriage that should have lasted a lifetime it's ok we all see your really young

NeverShoutDana 13

I am young.. So? FML isn't ment for mature people.

NeverShoutDana 13
xmayne 0

I thought FML was for anyone to come to for a laugh?

To me, that makes it sound like HE'S the one interested in losing weight. Since it sounds line SHE was the one "interested" in a "successful" divorce and told him to turn up the TV, it makes it sound like he'd be interested in the weight watchers. Anyways, that's what I'd think if my spouse did that to me. Good idea, though.

That's why he gives her that look tht says, "This is for you."

lol that little girl seriously put her phone number on a public website.

NeverShoutDana 13

What's your problem? It's my opinion, my choice, my life.

NeverShoutDana 13

Lol, thanks for noticing :) You're a peach.

hisgirlherboy 5

102- I love how you say "that little girl" haha wow how bitchy of you

Well, 102's co-workers are corpses. What do you expect?

zgomon 10

haha. great one. And to 102; I put my number on here, it's nice to meet new people. Idc who you are, il talk. lol

your daddy must be so proud. actually my coworkers are scientists and doctors. who are yours?

NeverShoutDana 13

Don't be a douche. I didn't ask for your approval.

NeverShoutDana 13

I didn't ask for you to ask... Look, it's just a comment I made. Not very mature? I agree. But you're right, I'm 14. So maturity isn't a huge issue for me. Let's just move on.

Hey, FML is I'm guessing for the teenage age group. Stop Hatin.

nicki10123 0
nicki10123 0

you're a dumbass. she's not little, she's about 15. me and her are probably more mature than u, and im 13. and why are u reading her info anyways?? pedophile !

Should have said, "Thank God, I thought I was the only one."

Lights_Out_fml 6

Are you perhaps Charlie Sheen?

bigmanj28 0

You know nothing of the sort