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Today, I realized my wife often switches the TV channel from the crime dramas we both like, to Hollywood gossip shows that I can't stand, just to get me to leave the room. From the other room, I can see that she switches back once I've left. She's probably been doing this for years. FML
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So, 8, if I read that correctly, you're saying that if I DO want to get slapped I shouldn't take a 'chicks' remote. So to be safe and NOT get slapped, I should go an steal my girlfriends remote right now?

  jwade11  |  12

Don't feel unwanted OP. Although your significant other wants space doesn't mean you're not appreciated and desired. Alone time is healthy, calming, and extremely needed sometimes. All relationships need a little space every once in a while, doesn't mean the feelings have changed, so keep a smile.

  StitchnLilo  |  24

In my opinion, while i really hate people who always talk and ask questions and such, whats worse is a bf(now ex) who wont let u watch a movie you really wanna see by always trying to make-out, and if that doesnt happen, they do all of the above(talk, question, and spoil if theyve seen or heard it)


75 in my vast understanding of how the majority of the male culture operates, they do those things to get you to shut off the movie/show and "make out" those guys are classified as the impatient cock driven "players" and should be avoided.

  Euphorically  |  14

I'm a bit more blunt. I tend to, just as politely as I can, ask them to shut the hell up or leave. Some people just can't and have to ask questions and make comments like "Omg! This is so unrealistic. Why wouldn't she...". I'm assuming the guys one of those annoying pesty people who don't realise that the show is more interesting than them.


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