By cookiecrust - 07/12/2009 14:44 - Singapore

Today, I found out from my mom that the sweet smelling shampoo she bought recently belongs to Tammi. I've been using it for a week now. The chocolate drops I ate yesterday are also hers. Tammi is our pet Chihuahua. FML
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I thought dogs could get sick eating chocolate?

Uhmm.. people, she never said they were real "chocolate drops" or that her dog eats chocolate.. they just looked like chocolate drops.. wow


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Might just be my mind playing with me, but think a little deeper.

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Oh, ok. I thought deeper.. So?

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Her getting hand-me-downs from the dog = the mother sees the dog as more important. HONESTLY people, it isn't that difficult a concept to grasp.

I would say no big deal unless you develop an involuntary "bark", a newly found flexibility whereas your leg reaches your head, a keen sense of hearing, a constant urge to piss in the corner to "mark your territory", and/or you see nothing wrong with sniffing which case FYL.

There's no indication of hand-me-downs in the post. You're making assumptions.

She's not getting hand downs from the dog you dumbass. Her mom bought shampoo and doggie chocolate drops FOR the dog and she ended up using them. Honestly Its not that hard a concept to grasp. ******* idiot.

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Obviously it IS a hard concept to grasp- for You. I understand it just fine. It doesn't say anything about hand-me-downs from the dog. The OP helped herself to the stuff without knowing who it belonged to. Also, it does not imply in any way that the dog is more important to the mother than the OP. The FML is that the person used dog shampoo and ate dog snacks. Big deal. Now, is that too hard for you to grasp? Again... So?

Reyo 2

:facepalm: You like to be the smartest one in every conversation don't you? I can tell by your incessant arrogance. You don't get ANYTHING about the FML. It's not that she's using a shampoo and eating chocolate that's for dogs, it's that the shampoo and chocolate is on the same shelf as the regular shampoo and chocolate. I have a cat, and we keep its food in a seperate closet. If the OP is finding dog supplies in with the human department, obviously the OP's mother put them there, which means she holds the thing at a status higher than "Family pet."

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You end up being the WRONG one in every conversation, don't you? I can tell by your incessant stupidity. YOU don't get ANYTHING about the FML. have you been in OP's house? How the hell would you know the OP's mother keeps the shampoo and chocolate on the same shelf? Why would she? I'm going to go all out and assume that she would keep shampoo in the bathroom, and the chocolate in maybe like a cabinet or pantry. I think that's a pretty logical assumption, unlike yours. But, then, I'm smart like that- as you said....

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Dammit- my comment disappeared, the one reyo was responding to. WTF?

am I the ONLY one that right away assumed that the chocolate drops, were something else, something that comes out the dogs back end?

I thought dogs could get sick eating chocolate?

you can get special kinds of 'chocolate' for animals, i don't think they really have chocolate in them though.

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Actually no animals get sick from eating chololate it is actually the shell that the bean that chocolate is made out of that is harmfull. That is how the rumor got started that chocolate was poisionous.

Chocolate is severely toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine. x___x

they can but my dog ate a whole chocolate bunny i got for Easter and he was fine until years later when he died of cancer.

They do, it increases heart rate faster than humans hearts do when eating chocolate, if we eat too much chocolate the same thing happens to us!

#80 Something similar is happening to me and my JRT. My dad always gives her chocolate biscuits. I tell him to stop because he's putting her life at risk, but he doesn't listen. She's extremely overweight and her life has been cut dramatically short. My mum has actually started looking into buying a new puppy already. She reeeeeeeeally isn't helping the situation!!

haha aww man that sucks. thats happened to me before. my aunt puts our dogs food in containers in the fridge. just all bad.

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at first I thought she meant she was eating the dogs poop..

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yea fucktard if you're gonna post a fake fml get your facts straight, dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate

you buy special chocolates, duhh theyre mostly made of ash and dont taste great to humans, but theyre edible so i dont see the problem....

My dog eats choclate all the time and he's fine. You've clearly never owned a dog.

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observation, observance is actually a noun

Chocolate can seriously harm dogs. Enough can kill one. Do you really own a dog? I feel bad for it.

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I hope that you don't feed your poor dog Hershey's chocolate....because chocolate can and does kill dogs. Especially if you give them large amounts. The bigger the dog, the more chocolate they can handle. But say you give a little Pomeranian a few Hershey kisses, it might just drop dead, unless it pukes everything back up. My advice to you is to stop feeding your dog chocolate unless you want it to die. It has something in it that their digestive systems CANNOT process...reason why it kills them. The reason I know all this is because for one...I've done reasearch on it, and two...I've owned MULTIPLE dogs. One (a Basset Hound) ate an entire bag of Hershey kisses, wrappers and all, somehow turned the bag inside out...and then got extremly sick. She had to be rushed to the vet because of all that chocolate in her system.

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Dogs can't eat chocolate 'cause it contains theobromine which can cause problems that can affect their central nervous system... but i don't think those "chocolate drops" are actually made of real chocolate...

Uhmm.. people, she never said they were real "chocolate drops" or that her dog eats chocolate.. they just looked like chocolate drops.. wow

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Everyone who's saying dogs get killed by chocolate: GFY! No one is so stupid to give HUMAN-chocolate to a dog, some smartass made special dog-chocolate. FYL for having a mom who is obsessed with her chihuahau. YDI if it's YOUR chihuahua.

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There are stupid people out there who do not know that chocolate kills dogs. Even if they do know that it can kill them....they ARE still stupid enough to give it to them....moron.

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"No one is so stupid to give HUMAN-chocolate to a dog..." well, some people don't know that...

Reyo 2

Yes, saying "chocolate is an allergin for dogs" is like saying "Arsenic is an allergin for humans". It's not like there are some dogs who can eat chocolate, it's lethal for every dog, like Arsenic is for people.

how can you eat "dog chocolate drops" and not know it. ive never heard of fake chocolate for dogs, but if such a thing exist, how do u not know its not chocolate comsidering, well its not real chocolate!?!?! retard ydi