By infrontofninepeople - 30/06/2015 20:31 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, I went on a Segway tour in Budapest. The Segways have an automatic speed limiter, and to release it and get back to normal speed, you have to brake. Unfortunately, I forgot my speed limiter was on and so, while trying to brake, I instead returned to normal speed and crashed into a tree. FML
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CyberSeeker 20

poor tree I hope it had insurance

Hope youre okay OP, be more careful next time


CyberSeeker 20

poor tree I hope it had insurance

I just wanted you to know that your comment made my day.

mds9986 24

It has treesurance.

Hope youre okay OP, be more careful next time

Fyl op hope u didn't get hurt

Dodge4x4Ram 46

bet you won't do that again

Genuine question: Is it hard to use a Segway?

Lol, fair enough!

It's not hard, unless you get over-confident and try to go faster than you're ready for. The one I tried didn't have a brake though, you just stop making it go forward. Plus yes there's the difficulty of trying to stop giggling about how dorky you look.

No it's very simple! My family went on a Segway tour in Chicago. My 11 year old sister did just fine with it. Once you get the hang of it it's very simple. Lean forward, you go faster. Lean back, you slow down or brake.

DeltaDragonxx 20

I'd imagine it's like a scooter. it just takes a minute to not fall feel like you're gonna fall on your ass.

At least those nine people got a good laugh

I can imagine this as a cartoon Hope you're ok OP

YDI for riding a segway.

Sounds like you had s liquid lunch a long one

"...Segway tour..." *hits YDI repeatedly*

Thinking the same thing. Serves you right for riding a Segway