By ljcxo17 - 01/07/2011 08:49 - United States

Today, I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. But not to worry, he said she's only in town for a week then he's done with her. FML
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saIty 17

Go fuck a 119 year old male stripper. Then proceed to say "No worries his going to a better place in a couple of days"

And you can't even give him a week? Poor boy! (that was a joke, and even though I say so I'm gonna get flamed :))) )


A weeks not that long.

jaysweet112197 8

Thats horriabler

7. I don't know that word.

yeah true that... naht!

better get rid, don't take that bull shit OP

He might find somebody else for next week.

I would dump that piece of shit.

14- it came out of her mouth didn't it?

coffeygirl12 14

dummp him

katieklein 0

dump him! the next girl will only be there for like a month!

yummycupkake 0

don't worry, the next girl will only be there for a weekend

chlorinegreen 27

tell him this is the only week you're available because your other boyfriend is back in town by then.

CianaBanana 2

97's right. don't get mad. get even.

I agree. That's really horriabler. It's a tough call.. either to give him another chance, or go by the 'if he cheated once, who says he won't do it again?' But in all seriousness, if he's 'done' with her after the week is up, who says he won't say the same thing about you? be careful, OP.

darkch0colate 0

hall pass!

CianaBanana 2

haha. I think that would only work if the guy was completely w-ussy p-hipped, 115.

what does op stand for?

CianaBanana 2

OP = original poster. it's refering to the person who made the FML.

125- original poster

76- Maybe, as far as we know she only typed it. ;)

bringmepieskm 0

don't hate, masterbate!

And you can't even give him a week? Poor boy! (that was a joke, and even though I say so I'm gonna get flamed :))) )

lionandthelamb61 9

The only thing that makes me sadder than a person who cannot comprehend a joke, is a person who makes a "joke" (the term being used generously at that) and feels the need to label it as such, thus ruining any slight potential it had as a joke in the first place.

Unfortunately this has become necessary on fml.

HelloNoora1 0

Tell him you had an HIV the whole time then just walk out.

+1, 64. It's almost as if they posted the comment solely for the purpose of receiving replies on it. *sigh*

And lookie here - it worked.

juicedboi 7

Well like he said, it's only a week! Wish there was a YLR! "your life rocks!" option here.

Having a joke explained doesn't ruin it for me. I still have the capability to appreciate the joke. Not to say 1's was funny or anything.

I was going to give your answer a thumbs up, but then I realized you're a woman, and women aren't funny. thumbs up for your boyfriend who gave you that answer, though!

jmtmxer 0

ur pic isn't funny either

JustForLuck 0

#64 next time just say the joke sucked

alexg823 0

113- SMH...

stormer461 13

87 - an HIV? You mean std?

barnmaster98 5

kick his ass, then hers!

I agree, do something to get even with him then dump him!

almedalove 0

why kick her ass she didnt cheat on you she might not even have known he was taken

quit your bitchin. give him the week as a break caz im pretty sure you're one of those chicks who never shut the fuck up and bitch about everything possible

September_fox 2

I agree. I don't really understand why people get mad at the one their bf/gf was cheating with. More often than not they think they are the only one. A guy was cheating on his girlfriend with one of my friends. She found out, kicked his ass, then went and let his girlfriend know about it. Any girl (other than a complete slut) would be pissed to find out they are "the other girl" just as much as if they found out that their bf was cheating, if not more.

elpacino32605 0

you better not take him back!!! or else...(o.O)

bryyxoo 0

looks like herpies

ryanbeast1124 0

dump that asshole

comepoopwithme 0

lol its funny because you take a dump out of your asshole

I see what you did there...

saIty 17

Go fuck a 119 year old male stripper. Then proceed to say "No worries his going to a better place in a couple of days"

what of he dies during sex?

It's murder!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet he would look like the little bald guy from the 6 Flags commercials

wannbaussiegurl 4

haha no shit

Not sure why this got most of the likes, this comment is not even funny

Your picture..... Me Gusta.... hehehe....

That joke is old and stupid. If I had rotten tomatoes I would throw them at you.

Why not just a rock?

Rock-stuffed rotten tomatoes.

NO!! Virtually FML-ivied rock stuffed tomatoes XD

#9 Are you mentally stable ? Just a thouqht because i wouldn't want to sleep with the person tryinq to steal my man

Time to get a new boyfriend

do the same thing with a other guy see how he likes it

be sure to send pics, or accidentally pocket dial him while you're in the middle of it ;)

what if he sends those messages to her dad?

aprilita 8

dump his ass