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  Tess_fml  |  7

I agree. That's really horriabler. It's a tough call.. either to give him another chance, or go by the 'if he cheated once, who says he won't do it again?' But in all seriousness, if he's 'done' with her after the week is up, who says he won't say the same thing about you? be careful, OP.


The only thing that makes me sadder than a person who cannot comprehend a joke, is a person who makes a "joke" (the term being used generously at that) and feels the need to label it as such, thus ruining any slight potential it had as a joke in the first place.

  EatnBeef  |  7

quit your bitchin. give him the week as a break caz im pretty sure you're one of those chicks who never shut the fuck up and bitch about everything possible

  September_fox  |  2

I agree. I don't really understand why people get mad at the one their bf/gf was cheating with. More often than not they think they are the only one. A guy was cheating on his girlfriend with one of my friends. She found out, kicked his ass, then went and let his girlfriend know about it. Any girl (other than a complete slut) would be pissed to find out they are "the other girl" just as much as if they found out that their bf was cheating, if not more.