By jigglypluff - 19/11/2014 05:27 - United States - Omaha

Today, my wife and I decided to try out role playing. She ended up having an anxiety attack when I said she wasn't turning in her homework. FML
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drayloon 50

Sounds to me like she might've dropped the class

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What does the title have to do with the FML?...

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@2 - Why, so she can worry about losing her "job"?

Then, there's the lesson plans, meetings with parents and faculty, setting up home room, and she has to make sure OP is ready for the SATs.

You should know your wife well enough by now to know that she is prone to anxiety with these things?

"try out" kind of implies they were doing it for the first time.

It's also hard to predict that someone would have an anxiety attack during a fake scenario.

But then she'll get worried about having some fatal disease...

Or she could be the doctor so that won't happen

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Sorry ma'am, but that liver has to go.

Playing "Therapist" sounds like an even better role playing game! "Here, just lay back and relax on this leather couch and tell me about your daddy issues?"

Good idea. If she has an anxiety attack during the session, OP is licensed to administer his wife's "prescription".

Ron Weasly? Hermione Granger? Are that you guys?

Sorry, I'm from France so I wasn't sure. How would you have written it?

Sorry that was kinda brash. You actually had most of it right. It's "is that you?" Not "are that you?"

Wasn't sure. But because I mentioned two people in my comment I thought: "What the heck, why not go plural?" ^^ Thanks for the feedback

Ya, English is confusing like that. You can never blame someone whose second or knowing you Europeans, third or fourth) language is English for not knowing all the "rules".

might want to keep it off the list for next time. Good luck OP!

Already? You didn't even get to the good part where she needs to be punished!

Seeing your profile picture, before clicking on it, is proof that I have a filthy mind.

Maybe next time just give her the D on an assignment haha I'm sorry everyone I had too. xD

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you, my friend, just won the internet today