By gutted - 07/05/2012 02:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She promptly had a panic attack and screamed, "No!" FML
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omfg_creepers 8

Hopefully this was not a large sporting event or one of those big public proposals where it ends up allover the Internet the next day and you drink yourself into a coma.

have a panic attack and scream you were joking !


omfg_creepers 8

Hopefully this was not a large sporting event or one of those big public proposals where it ends up allover the Internet the next day and you drink yourself into a coma.

FMLshark 12

That's when you say "just kidding" and force a smile through the rest of the day.

_ebbonyy 11

That really sucks for you, OP but she must have been leading you on! If you thought you two were ready to be engaged and she wasn't ready for it, she obviously lied a bit about her feelings. So unless it was just a shock thing and she came around and said yes, I say forget about her!

it could have been worse Johnson., it could have been a lot worse

What makes her a liar 39? Maybe the topic has never come up before. Maybe she doesn't like the idea of marriage and it freaks her the **** out. Sure, it's all speculation, but no more than your assumption that the only answer possibly able to be provided was "Yes"

"and ends up all over the Internet the next day."

39- theres a lot of women out there that don't want to get married for all you know they may have not been dating long or even she hates the idea of getting married. My husband had to wait almost years to get a yes from me. Everyone is different.

I fail... Lol 8 YEARS! Almost 8 years

layinbedallday 0

You sound like you're commenting out of experience 1...

97 - The lack of thumbs on your comment shows just how many people are missing out on your hilarious joke.

fromthesuck 8

It's funny how it's assumed that it's either she's leading him on or poor communication. Or maybe she's tried to tell him her views on the idea and OP just don't listen very well. The topic has been well discussed with my GF but I know that if I asked right now the answer would be a flat no. And it might makes things awkward for a bit but I'm pretty sure we'd drive forward and discuss it later.

viviblink 4

he probably bought a wedding ring and nobody commits that much to a joke so she would see through that

#39 Do you even know what a panic attack is?

Aww I'm sorry to hear about it. Find another girlfriend or try again when she's ready

Why should he find another girlfriend just because she declined?

Because she very clearly doesn't want to marry him. If she doesn't expect the relationship to be a lifelong one, then she's clearly using him for either sex or money. Is it bad for OP to want more than that?

It isn't very clear. She may have wanted to, but just spouted NO out of reflex due to her condition. Or she didn't want to. It's give or take, here.

So I guess we're just factoring out possible bad timing, nervousness on her part, etc? And I'm sorry, but that's beyond ignorant. It's not just you either want to get married or you're a gold digger. I never want to get married and I'm certainly not using my boyfriend. Love how we all assume they're in a completely happy relationship and at a good stable age for marriage.

22cute 17

Here's an idea, Op, learn to communicate. Clearly you must be missing something that your GF thought was an obvious reason NOT to get married. Then try again.

52, you act as if you know for a fact that OP just sprung it on her. Is it not possible that she may have been hinting towards marriage, but when it came around she was too nervous to say yes? Or maybe she was exaggerating her feelings a bit, and OP was led to believe that she would say yes? I highly doubt that he would just randomly propose without a thought as to what the answer might be.

ss_20_xx 14

Maybe he asked too soon and she freaked out? A lot of 'maybe's here so lets not jump to conclusions.

RedPillSucks 31

Jumping to conclusions is what tiggers to best.

skyeyez9 24

Yes. Because if OP wants to get married one day, and maybe have kids, he needs to find a girl who will.

KiddNYC1O 20

That's some twisted advice there, partner.

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FMLshark 12

Because that's all it takes to be charged with rape these days, right? "OH SHIT SHE SCREAMED NO, THE MAN IS CLEARLY RAPING HER BRUTALLY, THAT'S THE ONLY EXPLANATION."

No epic, you got charged because you stripped her nude first! Why do I have to keep telling you this?

While I am highly confused as to why you would believe him to be at risk for facing rape charges, I am distracted by the deliciousness of your pic.

3 was obviously making a joke about how easy it is to get charged with rape in America. They didn't literally mean he'd get charged with rape. Get the stick out of your ass, then you'll see it was a joke

daa2138 0

It was an inappropriate joke. I doubt anyone thought he was being serious.

lowie89 7

Epic waffles your an idiot! NO!!!! I just yelled no at you.. Now go to jail for rapping me!

You're* Raping* Raping or rapping, Snoop Dogg would approve of neither. Now go to the shame corner.

have a panic attack and scream you were joking !

uJelly24 1

And then you move on with your life.

Why do people always give up? Isn't it worth fighting for?

So sorry, OP. the good news is that she panicked. Try again, maybe she'll say yes.

mrsmillsy 10

I reckon always talk about proposing before actually doing it. Then you know you're on the same page and there's no nasty surprises for either of you.

citymayer 7

Hehe. You said reckon. I love it!

5 - I agree. It sounds like OP's girl was anxious and didn't expect it. I'd have a panic attack too if someone proposed to me out of nowhere, even if it was a man I loved.

Did you meet her the night before?

Clearly you are not the one for her. Just move on. :)

Yeah. Thats a shitty suggestion. Clearly if OP proposed, then he's not going to "just move on. :)" Why don't they, I don't know, TALK ABOUT IT?

That's true. That wasn't a well-thought comment at all. I apologize.

The suggestion of marriage gave her a panic attack. I don't think OP and his girlfriend can talk this out.

I don't see why they can't. When you propose, you're asking someone to walk on the unpredictable road of the future with you. That doesn't at least make you a little uneasy? Plus, there are so many different factors that can contribute to this reaction. Stress, financial problems, etc. etc. Bottom line, talking it out is still perfectly reasonable.

22cute 17

#28 - I'd say OP and his GF NEED to talk this out. At the very least he needs to understand how he got the signals crossed so he won't make that mistake again.

7 just because she said no doesn't mean she doesn't like OP. Maybe she doesn't feel like she is ready , because marriage is a big responsibility. OP just give it more time and before you propose next time talk to her give her some hints.

54 -- But they can't cross the streams. Bad things happen. |the kid|

fromthesuck 8

28 you might get thumbed down less if you grew up a little more before posting your opinion on adult matters several times saying the same damn thing. We get it. You still have your princess wedding hormones and real life hasn't clubbed you upside the head yet. It's okay. We'll be here to read your FML when it does.

She souo imature for marraige, or even a relationship. It really sucks though. :( FYL

FMLshark 12

Please explain where in the dictionary I can find the word "souo". And tell me when Apple comes up with an iMature. I'd love one.

TheCaterpiller 6

It's a businessman's iPod, comes out next year

iMature - Apple's new product specifically designed to help people like the gentleman with the booger wall

*ahem* "She sounds immature for marriage, or even a relationship. It really sucks though. :( Fuck your life."

RedPillSucks 31

@49 - I didn't know Siri could translate from iMature to english.

strawberrywine22 30

Perhaps she has some commitment issues. Try talking to her without laying down any pressure and try finding out why she reacted that way.

razzledazzle21 23

Have y'all been dating for a short amount of time? If so I can see how she would react like that!