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Today, I was going on a plane to Chicago. My passport picture is 6 years old, and back then I was a beautiful model. Now, I gave birth to a child and gained 50 lbs. When I showed my passport to the airport atendents, I got arrested for stealing someones passport. FML
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okay, i couldnt put to much info in my thread because the 300 word limit kept me from writing too much information. As a mom, i can't really go around wearing all this fancy makeup or whatever, it would be unreasonable. Also, i cut my hair to about chin length, and dyed it brown (i used to be blonde) because since im a mom, i wanted to look the part. when i was a model, I was 20-30 lbs underweight, so when I gained 50 lbs, it made a difference to my face. Also, i was NOT travelling from somewhere in the US to Chicago, i was travelling from my vacation in Korea to Chicago. I have a Dutch passport, so its different there. but anyways, im loosing weight and i acually got a new passport picture today so i wont be having this problem again
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chicago is in America why did u show passport, unless coming from another country?
arrested in another country thats scary?
but if u made it out of the country i dont see why you couldnt make it back in?
and wow you gained 50 lbs in the face. ive never seen a passport but i would imagine it would just be a picture of the face

By  iSarah  |  0

It's possible that that was her form of ID before going through security, or she was coming from another country. Still, terrible experience to go through.