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By xomelodygervais - 08/11/2013 14:00 - Canada - Timmins

Today, my husband's version of roleplaying was pretending that he actually wanted to have sex with me. FML
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Roleplay punching his dick.

Well isn't he just creative...


Well isn't he just creative...

jazzy_123 20

time for OP to spice things up a little.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You can borrow my stormtroopers mask, OP. Throw on some nice frost white lace panties and there you go, no way he'd turn that down.

I'm curious... Is it that he doesn't want to have sex with HER, or is he just not interested in sex at all?

OP if you need any suggestions to spice up your sex life I'm your girl! I was in a similar situation with my fiancé. After opening up to each other about our fantasies and what we wanted to explore, our sex life was even better then before!

At least he tried to act interested? :(

Hun, the point of the fml was saying he wasn't interested. But to the OP! A relationship only works when both parties participate fully!!

Ouch. Not to be cliche, but I would rethink your relationship choices.

Roleplay punching his dick.

obviousboy 8

Yes… assaulting his penis sure to get him raring to go.

It just might #33.

rhcpgurl 18

You could pretend to actually want to divorce him?

time to role-play life after divorce...

Time to consider therapy? Anyone...?

Of course not. Don't you know that if your spouse/partner does something even the slightest bit wrong, it's time for divorce. It would be too mainstream to consider actually working something out as a couple and getting help.

Especially on FML!

Well since FML says I should leave him. I guess I'll have to.

sounds like his making a real effort, luckky u OP

*Sounds like he is making a real effort, lucky you OP. * Sorry, couldn't help myself.

evan_7899 28

Well that's certainly a bummer