By Anonymous - 03/08/2013 20:01 - Portugal

Today, my girlfriend convinced me to do some bedroom roleplay, and we decided on acting out a job interview scenario. I suggestively told her that if she wanted to get the job, she'd have to use her mouth on something else first. She called me a pig and ended the roleplay right there. FML
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ILoveMyArm 15

She doesn't seem very qualified for the job...

She might be into more freakier stuff like answering boring questions


ILoveMyArm 15

She doesn't seem very qualified for the job...

friedpwnadge 25

Guess she didn't meet the oral qualifications, maybe some desk work would help.

Reading - Pass Writing - Pass Oral Communication - Fail

I guess I'll be that guy. Oral cummunications.

Why was my comment moderated? I called #59 awesome and I don't see how complimenting someone is an act of aggression.

ViRepz 28

Sexual Harassment is a no-no!

PterodactylMan 23

Harassment? More like her-ass-meant to be on my lap!!!

hcollins1 18

If it was an ACTUAL job, and not the girlfriend asking her boyfriend to do some role playing then yes, it would be sexual harassment. But since SHE'S the one that wanted to role play, then no it's not. Sexual harassment.

CaiDog 20

#24, for this thread and for one of the threads you commented on below, I think the people meant that in the roleplay, the boss sexually harrassed the applicant, and that's why the girlfriend, getting into her role, called him a pig and stormed out.

hcollins1 18

40, the FML also stated that after the girlfriend called him a pig and stormed out, the role play ended. And I'm assuming, and I may be wrong, by the way people are commenting are thinking OP is sexually harassing her. I was just saying that she's the one that wanted to role play in the first place but ended it when OP acted as a soon to be boss.

CaiDog 20

Yeah, I guess that could be true. The way I saw it is that angry birds guy was joking about the sexual harassment displayed in the roleplay. But I could be wrong, also

folks, 2 is clearly joking -- breathe, remove sticks from asses, proceed.......

MoeGro 6

Someone doesn't know what role-playing is?

I can't help imagining all your comments in Ron Burgundy's voice. Hilarious. Well done sir, well done.

She might be into more freakier stuff like answering boring questions

"Copy those documents for me." "Ooooh, you dirty dirty guy!"

meggieeee92 15

I guess she doesn't understand the concept of role playing. Now you know that that doesn't really work for you guys! Better luck next time!

luck -> *****. How you miss this obligatory stuff woman??

sematariux 7

50 be quiet, your virginity is showing

Sexual harassment is never OK in the work place, and I guess nether is it OK in a sexual role play. Shame on you OP!

hcollins1 18

You do know that's what role play is for right? So they can play out their fantasies, whatever it may be. Like oh I don't know, the naughty school teacher, or in this case the boss or soon to be boss. So no, it is not sexual harassment. It will only be harassment if she did NOT want to do anything and had said no and he still continued, but she's the one that wanted to do it in the first place.

She is obviously not that great at role play

Well duh it's grumpy cat. When ever you ask her to do something new the answer is always just "No"

I'm pretty sure #6 is being sarcastic.

Relax #28 it was a joke, #63 got it

I love how this somehow turned into a convo. between cats.

challan 19

You might be hearing from her imaginary lawyer now.

Sinistra_Blue 12

OP's imaginary lawyer should counter-sue.

sematariux 7

Dear god, it'll end up in imaginary court, this is going to be a fake disaster.

lol I think your suppose to flirt or ask how bad she wants the job and or what would she do for it.. lol

KinkyCurly 13

If she wasn't interested in the dirty talk, she should have never suggested it....just sayin'

The way I read it was that in some way she interpreted that as eating food, therefore he's hinting she's fat? I may be wrong though.

challan 19

#68 you may be Op's girlfriend. wow. How can I put this delicately? Hmmm... he actually wants her fat. Off of Italian sausage with extra protein packed sauce. You know, licked like a fat girl licks an ice cream cone.

sematariux 7

83, you're making my hairection show... Stop it

olpally 32

I don't think she understands what role play means. What an idiot.

I think she understands, she just didn't want to give him a ******* right from the start.