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Today, my wife and I decided to try role-playing. I started cleaning the pool. waiting for her to come out and be sexy, but she never did. I'd cleaned the entire pool before going into the house to ask why she never came out. She said she tricked me into cleaning the pool. FML
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She is a keeper. I know people say that a lot but she is could learn something OP.


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Why did OP even start cleaning the pool? I would've just chilled out thier and not started till she came out

girrl not to be rude but ur profile picture is extremely revealing put on a sweater

I agree with 43. While she is pretty cleaver to come up with such an idea to get him to clean the pool, it was a role-play. If cleaning the pool was not something he wanted to do, he could have "role-played" cleaning it while waiting for her, rather than actually doing it. She is "smart," but OP is also kind of stupid.

She's smart because she used the prospect of sex to get a guy to do something for her? How ingenious.

OP is probably the most gullible person I have ever heard of. Just one test to prove it: OP, someone wrote gullible on the ceiling!!

#63 a girl using sex to get a guy to do something isn't exactly a novel idea...

107 - I think that's what he meant...

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Your an oxymoron for saying oxymoron, 112.

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Considering they were like 1 second apart, I doubt he did.

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If she were to give what OP wanted after he cleaned the pool would have been even smarter, she might have won the battle, but lost the war, now I believe OP will double think about getting into a role-play event/s, know that she might be deceiving him. You jelly?

At first I thought you were biting your dogs ear. xD

She is a keeper. I know people say that a lot but she is could learn something OP.

Learn how to manipulate people into doing things for you. It appears that you'd be learning from the best.

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just be happy she wasnt sleeping with the actual pool boy

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You say that like its a bad thing. Ever day I'm trolling

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Shhh don't struggle. It'll be over soon.

20: They see me trolling.... They hatin'.....

If they had a pool boy, the pool wouldn't need cleaning. Just your friendly neighborhood captain obvious.

Hey Blake the key is to not reply....or don't comment in the first place then people will leave you alone

I believe the troll here is Blake for not using his comment sense before common-ing.

I say say we all talk to Blake in a foreign language, that'll really piss him off.

i don't think there's any way that Blake isn't a troll...or at least i hope he is

How can you guys vote this down it's funny

24- The stupidity outweighs whatever humor that could've been found in the comment...which wasn't much to begin with.

If you think that they're a troll, you better prepare your anus.

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But she does sleep with him

Were you planning on some sexy, mermaid role play in your pool...? It's alright, everyone does it OP.

^^He was cleaning the pool. Who goes into a pool while they're cleaning it?

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Women are masters of deception!

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You're just mad cause we're smarter than you ;p

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She's smart but she still should have rewarded u in the end...that's messed up