Cut it out

By uhhggggg - 02/01/2010 17:16 - France

Today, I was trying to be dirty with my fiancé. He got really into the roleplaying and wouldn't stop pretending to be a cop for hours. Mood officially killed. FML
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Did he give you a ticket for being a buzzkill?

Ur fiancé rocks, stop complaining.


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wow you're so cool cuz u can say you deserved it (you were to lazy to even type it out) and then saying first. you are a ******* toolshed.

My God, he's killed the mood! Police brutality!

Get used to it. He is your fiancé.

probably not for long :)

37 - Because he enjoyed pretending to be a cop? That's this site for you "OMG dump his ass!!!!".

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I think you have a serious problem hahahaha

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I like kinky women 

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haha made my 2010

oh wow what an imagination... most def FYL

Did he give you a ticket for being a buzzkill?