By solomantis - 30/07/2009 05:46 - Norway

Today, I was trying to wiggle my boxer shorts off to get it on with my girlfriend when my knee hooked on the elastic band. I was anxious to get started, so I used force and ended up kneeing my girlfriend in the crotch. FML
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sireen 0 could also use your hands and pull them down

graciegirl 0

"so i used force" love the choice of words haha


sireen 0 could also use your hands and pull them down

The more logical explanation is that he's a fatass who couldn't pull his boxers down, hence the wiggling...

Lmao yeah, I'd think wiggling would take longer than just pulling.

Dude, are you for real? Go back home, your mother needs some attention.

IT'S A ******* TROLL. Why bother asking if they're for real? really?!

Young_Sparta 0

Op is ready for a sexy party!!

ashleymarie37 0

Yeah! She should be posting the FML, not you! Poor girl! Next time, just pull them off with your hands!

Darth_Draco 0

haha wow, at first I thought you said 'and I used the force' and I was like, 'WTF? starwars freak much?' whoops, then realized my mistake. I feel so talented.

so your saying your gay? becuz woman have pussys not crotches

#117 You are such a ******* asshole. Women do have crotches. He didn't say "penis", did he? NO!! And he SPECIFIED it was his GIRLFRIEND. Unless HE is gay for GIRLS, then you are wrong.

lizzilla8297 2

ydi for dating a girl with a crotch.

haha I bet tht was unlike anything she's ever felt before.. well done :P

You don't know what a crotch is huh.?

graciegirl 0

"so i used force" love the choice of words haha

fxdxhk90 0

Actually, the force is weak with this one. Way to go Yoda.

The force on her crotch was pretty deep. : )

And randomly, ''solo'' is in name (I know Han Solo doesen't have the force)

blue892772 0

afraid if you spent two seconds pulling them down the wind would go out of your sails so to speak? YDI for being a sloppy lover!

haha... nice one!... but i guess that kinda ended the party right...

It'd suck more if you were gay.. -Think about it.- Guess it killed the moment, or this wouldnt be an FML. She could think you were being kinky..somewhat..O_o.

sublime93 0

Lmao! That would suck (in reply to the first part of your comment)

Maybe, but getting kneed in the crotch doesn't exactly feel great for a girl, either!

redrovaa 0

So 'kneeing' is the new thing? we're trying to get the women to think 70 pounds is perfect and then kneeing is sexy? Weird world ._.

i don't care what guys say if a girl gets hit in crotch it still hurts!!

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**** her hard like Tom is Neva come!!

Polionixon 2

Tell me about it i can still feel all the times that i slammed my crotch onto my bike bar when i was younger OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

adelaide_evening 0

I've been hit in the crotch before (like the other person said, the bike bar), and it's more like a moment of intense pain, and then it quickly goes away. I actually think it's one of the least painful places to get hit on a girl's body. Now if the guy said he accidentally kneed his girlfriend in her boob, THEN I think this would be a good FML.

I never knew that it hurt for girl when you hit their crotch. I mean for guys it is a pain full hell [I had a couple of bad experiences in my Karate classes], but for girls. Man I never knew that.

#33 and #34 for me it would hurt more in my crotch than my boobs! who care about those :x at least you aren't sitting on/peeing with your boobs like you are in your crotch-area. & it depends how you are sitting because I've sat on a bar (like on the playground at elementary school) and it didn't hurt at all, but then on my bike it hurts really badly sometimes! It's either you don't really feel anything, or it hurts like hell. ;(

So # 33 are you saying that it does not hurt much when girls get hit on their crotch?? You are totally contradicting what # 11 is saying. For guys it pains like hell for quite long. I remember when i got kicked on my balls by that asshole who was my sparing partner in karate classes and it was hurting for like 30 to 40 mins.

i guess it depends on the girl...everyone's sensitive spots are different...but how exactly does this have to do with the FML?

I got kicked in the crotch back when I was a swimmer, they were pushing up off the ground a got me on their first kick. It hurt like hell, and my throat was tight for an hour after that!

Agreed! Try being hit there during kickboxing. Ow...

just be glad it's not the other way around... you'd be out of commission for days