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Today, after backpacking acrossing Europe for a month, I picked up my dog from the doghouse. No one will listen to me or acknowledge the fact that he's now missing two toes. FML
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Find some old pictures of your dog and prepare your lawyer!


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I'm sorry to... But what the hell???

Does the dog seem skiddish? Or do you see signs of abusive!?!? If so I'd get animal cop taking a look at the dog house! Good luck op

Maybe OP's dog just wanted toe see you badly.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

This is why I wouldn't ever let my dog go into a kennel. I'm not bashing all kennels, nor am I bashing people who put their pets in kennels; I'm simply stating the my dog is my baby and I wouldn't trust her with anyone other than close family.

Kennels work on reputation. so spread the word about this hell hole, to save anyone elses pet from going through this.

As far as you know it is animal abuse if you have a picture of before he went in there or proof that his two toes were there beforehand, call the police.

Dear Icemaster, Don't apologize. Your animal cruelty can not be absolved by anything short of Lex Talonis. The Lord

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87 - By wearing sandals instead of hiking boots.

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You don't. This girl is just stupid enough to think that way.

Find some old pictures of your dog and prepare your lawyer!

thiscrazything 1

For what??? How do you price your dogs toes??

why would finding a old picture matter? the dog had the fricken toes to begin with

47 you would need to prove that he had the toes to begin with

JustDerpin 11

46, OP could sue since the dog was missing two toes...

46, how exactly do you plan on surviving in the world if you don't even understand something this simple?

46 : how do you price themYou don't animal cruelty

MrBrightside21 20

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No trophy, but you do get a few thumbs down.

hotPinklipstick 24

Look on the bright side, at least he is still alive. He could be dead, missing, etc. Demand for your money back and never go there again.

Exactly! I'd say your lucky because that's barely noticeable. 3 toes... 5 toes... However many ******* toes a dog has... You have nothing to worry about!!!

I'm sorry but I wouldn't care if my dogs missing toes were noticeable. The facility obviously did something to allow the dog to be harmed and will not even fess up! Terrible place to put an animal.

hotPinklipstick 24

49- It could have been the dogs fault though. If I put my puppy in a kennel he claws at the door. He has gotten his paw caught once and it ripped off his nail. I felt so bad for him. He has only been in the kennel 2 times since then because I was using ant poison and I didn't want him getting into it. Either way, the place should have been watching the dog. If they were it could have been prevented. If it wasn't for the fact that I was with my puppy he could've have lost a toe as well when his paw got caught.

It could have been the dogs fault. But then the kennel should have given the animal all the necessary medical attention and called the owner immediately, or explained as soon as they returned, Accidents do happen. I have to agree with #103, I myself have two Malteses that are show quality, though one has recently be retired. My other dog is a Samoyed, that after being burned in the face during a house fire can no longer show, and was dumped in a shelter. If any of my animals went through something like that i would be heart broken, and at the very least i would expect the kennel to explain themselves and apologize.

I feel the same way. My dog is my baby and if someone allows her to get hurt in their care I would expect them to tell me what happened and pay for it. I think the kennel/doghouse should be shut down.

I'm curious, why didn't you continue taking care of the Samoyed after the fire instead of bringing him to the shelter?

I adopted my sammi from a shelter AFTER he was burned and dumped.

Andrew910 5

They thought you wouldn't notice!

MindFreakazoid 10

They didn't do a very good job at clipping the nails. Too short!

I don't see anything. You're imagining things.

I don't see anything (because we cut them off)

flutter4 7

Poor pooch...hopefully he is not in any pain. The boarding house caretakers are dumb asses

That's such an understatement... This fml ENRAGES me that those arrogant asshole would allow something like that to happen and then ignore his questions. Excuse me for my language but what the **** kind of boarding house is that. They should get their licenses revoked.

oxemilyxo 5

Agreed with 70. The bastards don't deserve to live.

I would like to understand how this was his fault

toalysium 15

Lack of research. It's unlikely this is the first time that kennel has mistreated an animal. Should have used google to look for reviews.