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Today, I picked up my car from the repair shop, drove two miles, and ran out of gas. I then walked to get gas, put a gallon of gas in the car, and tried to start it. The battery was too weak to start the car, and died on the spot. FML
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Times like this make me glad AAA exists.

Perhaps an investment in jumper cables would be more ideal.


Times like this make me glad AAA exists.

PhishloverA 14

Yeah, except when they take 6 hours to get to you

rcgirl2 11

Me too. If there were know such thing as AAA, alot ofbpeople would've been screwed.

Maggey 19

I drive an old Kia Rio so the AAA people are pretty much my best friends.

brt3420 13

I worked for a car dealership for over a year as well I worked in and around repair shops for that year time as well, and with every car that came through the door they'd test battery life, the fuel is your fault. If you can't maintain proper veichal maintance then don't drive.

rcgirl2 11

no* Let me correct myself before someone corrects me.

fylx100 19

That's what happens for owning a Ford..

So, OP, random question: Did this happen in Mansfield yesterday (July 4th)? If so, I was the guy that helped you push the car! :P

Perhaps you should invest in a bicycle my friend.

Oh yes, because he could have... Ohh I see. Ok disregard the somewhat hostility. No the heat in Texas is absolutely horrible. Its best to have a car.

Perhaps an investment in jumper cables would be more ideal.

10, Texas is really not that hot. As a kid in Texas, I rode my bike thousands of miles each summer. Don't see the big deal.

Where I am, it's burning up. I can't go outside without turning a shade darker.

Ride a mile in 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Heat has nothing to do with turning a shade darker... The sun does but from it's UV rays, not the heat.

Yes 49, because the sun has nothing to do with how hot it is.

Actually 49 is kinda right if u stick Your hand by fire your not going to get a tan

Oh you should see texas now in summer. Last yet was 100 degrees. This year is cooler but its still 90-95 where im at. Thats not including humidity

Oh really #57? Why does my roast in the oven get darker?

KommanderKush420 5

73, Because it's in the OVEN

24, I live in Dallas and people can't even stand going outside in the summer much less 'ride a bike thousands of miles'. Which Texas are you from?

"Thousands of miles"?? For some reason I doubt the accuracy of your statement. Also, children have a higher tolerance for heat. The glands that cause adults to sweat heavily in certain places (armpits etc) don't develop until adolescence.

10- as a kid I rode my bike in Texas to. I lived in Lubbock for 3 years el paso for 4 and Dallas for 5. But I personally couldn't handle the heat.

There is a difference between a 1 thousand degree oven and going outside on a 100 degree day.

When did he say the sun has nothing to do with the heat? He said the heat had nothin to do with turning a shade darker

There is no possible way you could deserve this. No.

I could think of a few people who deserve this.

Yeah, like that rude waiter from the other FML.

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PhishloverA 14

#5, 1 person can't push a car. Plus, someone would need to steer it too and as far as we know, OP was alone

KiddNYC1O 20

One person can push a car.

DontModMeDammit 10

It's not as bad a last summer, what was it like 50 days in a row of over 100F.

Carry a spare battery and some gas in you car next time?

AGhost5445 25

He just got it from the repair shop.

I know, I'm just suggesting keeping an extra battery and maybe some gas in the trunk.

KiddNYC1O 20

Or some jumper cables and a good ol' thumbs up on the side of the road.

KiddNYC1O 20

An extra fuel tank? Aren't you quite the economist?

68, ya actually I do and it's not that bad put a battery and a 1 gallon thing of gas in the trunk and you might be able to get to a gas station.

Who keeps a spare battery? And who keeps spare gas? Unless its a working truck or something. The spare gas isnt safe in a regular car at all. Especially if it's in a sealed trunk in the heat. Bad idea.

jumper cables sure. spare battery? you shouldn't need that ever, especially after leaving a repair shop. full gas can can spill and even if it doesn't the fumes can get you especially on hot days

Don't cars usually have a spare battery..... I know mine does

wubbazugg 5

No.... No they don't. Unless you're running a multi-battery system with an isolator, or you have a diesel pickup.

TheDrifter 23

Or a junker with an unreliable charging system. I always used to carry a spare battery

I've never had one come with a spare battery. now dats they don't even come with spare tires!

Hopefully, you have something to keep you cool. Obviously, don't go back to the same car repair shop. They obviously weren't very observant, or they were careless. FYL

X_Codes 11

Price of gas what it is, they may have drained his tank.

Or he brought it in empty and when they whent to test drive it they used up the last of wat was in there as for the battery unless that wat he brought it in for as long as it started for them they wouldn't check that

AGhost5445 25

That's lucky it's 110 degrees where I'm at most of the time.

Please. Where I was in Texas last year, 99 days straight 100 and over degree weather.