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Today, I was at McDonald's. As I left the counter with the food, I heard the cashier mutter, "Fat ass." I turned around and demanded to see the manager. Once he came and heard the situation, he looked at me and said, "Well, it's not like he's wrong, right?" FML
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I think it was the 4 Big Macs, 3 large fries, 8 apple pies, and 2 ice creams that tipped them off. Oh, and the Diet Coke.

No matter how big OP’s order really was and no matter whether OP is obese or not, the comments by the cashier and his manager were simply unprofessional.


I think it was the 4 Big Macs, 3 large fries, 8 apple pies, and 2 ice creams that tipped them off. Oh, and the Diet Coke.

Some people ask me, "why do you drink diet coke?" And I say, "oh! So I can eat regular cake!"

No matter how big OP’s order really was and no matter whether OP is obese or not, the comments by the cashier and his manager were simply unprofessional.

those orders are def my favorite. double qpc lg meal lg diet.

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Eh, yesterday I ordered 3 egg rolls, 2 tacos, a curly fry, a regular soda, and a hamburger with extra stuff on it. Doesn't make me fat, makes me pregnant and from out of town where I don't have my favorite resuraunt anymore so when i come through town I order every thing my taste buds are craving and take a bite of all of it. I don't actually eat it all tho... But the cashier and my friends still look at me like I am crazy when I order. I always have another 2 meals from the visit tho. :) yum

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Being pregnant does not mean eat everything just because you feel you're obliged to do so. I hate when women think, "Oh I'm pregnant. I can eat whatever I want." That is not ok. You should eat healthy for your unborn child to develop properly. It's ok to eat other stuff too, but in moderation.

Here's what you do: Take your cheese burger,and cut it in half. And now it's half the calories! And because it's half the calories you can have double the amount!!

As funny as I find those orders, has anyone ever thought that people don't like the fuzzy feeling of all the sugar stuck to their teeth from the regular cola?

94 well said, what I don't get is when they have the baby and then cant figure out why they gained more than the 30 to 40 lbs they're suppose to gain during pregnancy

52 - Did you fall asleep on your keyboard while typing that? 'double qpc lg meal lg diet.' Seriously, what?

I hate when people act like they can do whatever they want because they are pregnant. Yes it's a big deal but no reason to act like a bitch

44, Unprofessional? The cashier works at McDonald's. There is nothing professional about that.

Lol, right on #166.... McDicks is truly a disgusting place, full of unhealthy foods.. The fact that even parents will bring their children there sickens me... I hope you've all seen the photo of a 12yr old patty compared to a freshly ordered one.. Exactly the same, no mold or anything.. People really need to stop going there... McDicks is one of the top 10 richest anything, in the world..Franchise, organization.. Shame on anyone who eats there..

Yeah, McDonald's is such a classy place, how dare he talk like that to the esteemed customers.

I work at McDonalds and we are not allowed to talk to our customers that way. "the customers are always right" is our motto. Well, that and "Would you like fries with that?"

I don't ever eat at McDonald's because I'd rather eat real food but it is still considered unprofessional to talk to a customer like that. Sometimes it is very hard to do so but whenever you are working with customers you still have to act in a professional manner.

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I just had my son, and I wanted to eat everything under the sun, but I didn't for him! I think I eat more now he's here haha!

What if it was a small fries, a hamburger, and a small strawberry shake? ;P

Even if it was the case, the remark was inappropriate.

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You're obese enough for someone to say that and you're still lining up at McDonalds? You deserve it fatass.

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Maybe order more drinks to make it look less suspicious. Like your ordering for 3 or 4

Or, instead of that, inform the manager that you expect a bit of professionalism in the workplace even from high school drop outs and as such won't be returning. If the cashier/manager can be insulting, so can the OP. Voting with your wallet is the best solution. Forget this "be deceptive about it in case someone says something rude" rubbish.

Agree with both of you.. the ordering more drinks is genius.. :) But yeah - that was really rude of the employee and manager.

Ehhhhhhhh at places like McDs the people that work there don't really care if you say I won't be returning cause there's another 20 people in line behind you. I work at ikea I hear this all the time it doesn't faze me at all cause then I look forward and there's another 50 customers.

#70, you may not care, but your bosses might. And the person who came to the counter as the manager and further insulted OP may not care, but the owner might. OP, as suggested by others, I'd go up the chain. If you call your local Better Business Bureau, you might be able to get that franchise's owner's contact info, or information on how to file a complaint. Or just call or email McDonald's corporate offices.

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Not all are high school dropouts. Some are in high school, and they can be worse

Corperate doesn't do shit.. I've called about multiple McD's.. Not a thing changed..

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#70, That is still bad customer service, It takes more money to attain new customers then helping out a current one.

BBB is sort of a joke. Better to go corporate. Even if the franchise is privately owned, they still represent the corporate image. Though the irony of these complaints to corporate is that they usually end in coupons or free food.

@70 It may not seem that it matters but it does. Word of mouth can put a big "name" on a business or kill a business.

#70 You must be quite a bitch then if you hear that kind of stuff "all the time." Just saying.

70- it might not phase you but it really should. Having the "**** it" attitude is not good for business. Sooner or later you will probably get a bad customer complaint.

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I would just boycott that particular restaurant and never go back, rather then sue. Not like they slipped poison into your drink and piled shards of glass onto your mcdouble. Or complain to a higher management.

@60 ~but with the way things are going, the higher manager might be like: "well its not like it's a five star restaurant, is it?"~

Not a lawsuit. Hell. Just retaliate and ask the cashier why he's working at McDonalds. Whether you're right or not, he did the same.

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Had that been me. whatever I just ordered....I'd thrown it at him

I've never gotten these whole "had it been me…" comments. I mean, yeah, had it been me, I would've pulled a katana outta my ass and gone all Samurai Jack on those jokers, and I would've tossed some 'nades behind me on my way out. But in reality, the most anyone would do is curse at them, and angrily leave. And *maybe* call management. (Though I'd imagine most working people are too busy to do so) Nevertheless, this is still a major FYL.

It's against the law to tell the truth?

What happened to the policy of "the customer is always right" even when they're wrong? Some people are just rude. Sorry, OP.

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What happened to the policy of personal responsibility and not letting yourself become a fat ass

Well let me put it this way, the customer is hardly ever right. Of course the cashier and management were wrong is this situation, but customers are hardly ever right. You want to know why they're wrong most of the time? They don't take the time to read their coupons or the sales signs properly. Makes you wonder how they even managed to get to your store when they can't seem to read correctly. Customer "I can't use this coupon on an item that's on sale?" cashier "no ma'am, it's for regular priced items only." Customer "oh really? I didnt see that!" Cashier thinking to herself "well maybe if you read it you'd know..."

Well, if OP is fat, then they're fat... Are they supposed to lie?

@123 No you don't lie, but OP didn't stand there and ask about their weight so it didn't need to be commented on. It was rude and in the working world, even if its "just McDonald's" it is your job to act professional.

Cashier too stupid to realize they already knew that but wanted to get the discount anyway and thought maybe you wouldn't realize what they already realized.

And this is why some people should be unemployed. Those who have that kind of attitude should not work in that kind of job. And it is unacceptable for a person to audible say that about a stranger, there is something called manners.

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Unfortunately many people lack the ability to comprehend the idea of manners.

It's sad that there are so many people who can't get jobs despite being nice people with decent qualifications, because there are asshole bosses who hire their asshole friends first so they can all be assholes together.

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I agree. I worked at a customer service place for a long time, but one day realized I was starting to get impatient and rude with the customers. So I quit to avoid something like this. People that can not handle working in a job that requires customer-employee interaction, (even when some customers are complete idiots) should not work that kind of job.

Right, because most circles of friends try to stick together by getting jobs at the same McDonald's.

Want revenge? Go to the management above their heads and bitch. It always works.

yes, and you'll get a coupon for something free

Yep haha go corporate and you'll have free fries for a year!

That's what I was thinking, 7. Cooperate McDonald's will have those guys' assess for this.

Yeah then he can get made fun of some more.

next time, splash the hot coffee from your cup on his face & then say...."wait...there was a warning label on there about contents being hot? I didn't see that. they should make the font bigger while I sue the company frivolously!"

Then wouldn't OP get sued for attacking the McDonalds workers......and that would happen even if the drink was cold. I'd rather just deal with getting called fat then go to your solution.

lol. dammit! do I ALWAYS have to put at the end of my statements "PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY?!" Effin' A people! I KNOW I'm not the only one who is sarcastic on this site! Lol. NO advice I give on this site should be taken seriously! It's merely for ***** & giggles!!!

My bad its hard to get sarcasm from typed words.....but I do work in a place where people have drinks constantly and I've been in a position where I know they've been angry enough that they've contemplated your first comment.

I just could never envision doing that too someone. I'm the nicest person ever...too nice. but I can see where you're coming from, having been in a position where you've possibly seen situations like that.

Some guy threw a coffee at me the other day at work (because my coworker made him mad). It sucked ass. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

he was a douche. Sorry that happened! if only wish for someone to throw a frappuccino @ me....& ONLY if they have me adequate time to open my mouth & safely apply my goggles! lol

true true. I just find it comical how my comments are getting DEMOLISHED with thumbs down. it makes me giggle. :)

@64, you talk about people not learning proper English, but have you ever heard of an apostrophe? Or other basic punctuation?

you deserved it . maybe you shouldn't be fat or maybe you shouldn't be eating at McDonald's either !! fatty

OP- Let this unpleasant experience be a lesson to you- don't eat at micky dee's ever for any reason! Slim down, get fit, go back and tell them to take their greasy pseudo food and shove it! You can do it, op, yes you can!!