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By Anonymous - 26/08/2014 15:30 - United States - Gloucester

Today, I was taking a customer's order, when she said she'd better go for a salad, because she was getting fat. She was actually very slim, so I told her she wasn't fat at all. She took one look at me and snorted "Yeah, not compared to you, that's for sure." FML
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She needs new brain cells to go with that salad. Her sour attitude will eventually get back at her! I give it 5 years!


Powerful words from a wise chicken.

She sounds like a bitch.

Snored. It takes away from the skinny illusion. Also an interesting word..

Bitch be snortin'

She needs new brain cells to go with that salad. Her sour attitude will eventually get back at her! I give it 5 years!

I think she needs lard dumped on her food. Do it, OP.

JMichael 25

More like a side of bitch. Make sure you super bitch size that for her.

TheDevilWearsJoe 8

Why 5 years? She'll be talking to the hand very very soon.

Drench the salad in fatty oil high calorie oil make the calorie count really high

What I hate is people that are so mean, even when they get compliments.

23lf 16

"Today, some fat bitch told me I was skinny. FML"

I'm sorry. People can be cruel. Don't worry about that customer, hopefully you won't let that comment get to you because her opinion doesn't matter :)

Well **** you very much too.

Ignore the anorexic asshole. She probably thinks eating half an olive makes you fat. You're probably actually normal and good looking.

I agree, however please don't use anorexic as an insult.

I'm pretty sure asshole was the insult.

Using a very real psychological disorder against someone is disgusting, and regardless of how she treated OP, the use of that word in #6's comment was an insult, and a definitely uncalled for one at that.

Oh go cry from a soapbox somewhere else. Jesus, politically correct ***** everywhere these days.

Lil_Red777 21

It does sound like she has an eating disorder. So who knows.

Sounds more like she's a snobby attention *****...

#51 Or maybe she's like a large portion of the female population obsessed with being 'thin'. I hear it all the time from people who are about a size 8.

What a bitch. I wouldn't have even told her she wasn't fat just because she was fishing for compliments.

It's so upsetting when that happens. You try to give a compliment and people **** you over. Cheers OP that lady is just a bitch.

Fyl, what a bitch

I guess she's never seen "Waiting." Be sure to give her the special salad dressing.