By w0rstdayever - United States
Today, I got in a hotel elevator. There was a kid in there also. He got off on the 3rd floor. As he was stepping from the elevator, he decided to press every single button. It's a 35 floor hotel. My room is on the 32nd floor. FML
w0rstdayever tells us more :
OK, maybe it wasn't terrible. Except for the fact that this is what the site is for. It still sucks even if my life isn't fucked to shit.
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  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree. This isn't a FYL. Your life isn't fucked when the solution is as easily fixed as;
1) Wait for elevator to stop.
2) Step out of elevator.
3) Push button and get another elevator.
4) Ride other elevator up.


1) Sit there and wait for 32nd floor.
2) Get out 2 minutes later then you would have before.


1) Wait for elevator to stop.
2) Step out of elevator.
3) Walk up stairs.

YDI. Not for what happened, but because you are actually complaining over something so pathetic. A minor inconvenience doesn't make your life fucked, grow a pair and get over it.

  marc_with_a_c  |  3

Exactly what I had in mind.. seriously, if he stayed in it til the 32 floor, he totally deserved it. a 35 floor hotel MUST have at least 2 elevators.. (heck probably more than that but they're usually in pairs)
Most hotels I've been in only had 4-5 floors, maybe even less, and they all had a dozen elevators through it all.

  hornetchik  |  0

Id say that even though it might be a minor inconvenience to you, you would also be very fucked off. This is what this website is about! Random bad luck and shit that happens in peoples lives, not life changing, horribly bad things!

  aurorelle  |  0

The point is that he shouldn't have to switch elevators just to have the same ride up as if there wasn't some inbred twit in it. And seriously, I can guarantee that not one of you douchebags all "don't be lazy take the stairs!" would walk up 32 fucking floors if it wasn't necessary.

  waterynuggets  |  0

Lol #53 the point of this site is to submit stories about your life being fucked. Your life was not fucked here because you could have easily gotten off or hit cancel apparently. Incidentally, your life is fucked because you are a moron. BTW LOL # 59


dude it would be way more than two min, and maybe he was carrying something heavy and moving would make it hard. i say you pull teh kid back in the elevator and keep him there till you get off


I worked in a hotel. To skip the floors and go to the one you need to go to. Hold down the floor number and the close door buttons at the same time until you get to the desired floor.

By  jchansfan  |  0


As for you OP, well you could have gotten out and use the stairs if you didn't have your bag with you... even then if its light enough...

Hey, did anyone get in while you were going up? XD

On the plus side it makes a funny story... =)


climbing up possibly 35 floors fucking sucks, and its even worse with shit to carry. I have to walk of hella hills from school with a fucking huge backpack, and if someone told me to suck it up and not be lazy i would probably kick his ass

By  FPsLife  |  5

Taking an elevator to the 32nd floor is not lazy... though the exercise would do most of us good for those that wouldn't die.

They need to make it so you can press the buttons a second time or something to deactivate them...

By  Manon_fml  |  2

I really doubt that a hotel that has 35 floor only has one set of elevators to go up to ALL the floors. My hotel has 21 floors, and has 3 elevators that go up to the 8th floor, and then 6 elevators that skip the first 8 and go from 9 up t 21

By  KaySL  |  24

Corollary: 5 seconds is easily long enough to either A) knife the fucker, or B) fill the elevator up with noxious fart fumes and GTFO before the door closes. Either way, the cunt's dead.