By Hungryman - 15/01/2010 21:30 - France

Today, I ordered a Diet Coke with my meal from a fast food restaurant. Turns out, they didn't give me diet. My blood sugar spiked and I was sick for hours later. I'm a diabetic. FML
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Couldn't you taste the difference?

go spike their drinks with insulin.


if ur diabetic why r u eating at a fastfood resteraunt?

flighted 1

and why even drink soda???

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ikr, SUE!

328- exactly. OP YDI

#328 that doesn't make any sense? Why wouldn't they be allowed to eat at a fast food place? I don't understand your point

#358 Presumably OP is type 1 diabetic - nothing to do with lifestyle or weight. Type 1's can eat whatever they like pretty much.

Where OP eats is not your decision. OP may be able to eat alot of different things regardless if being diabetic.

Couldn't you taste the difference?

I actually know several people who can't, diabetics included. /:

How is that possible? No diet drink even tastes remotely like a non-diet drink.

perdix 29

Diet Dr. Pepper is pretty damn close! The commercials are not just BS in that case. I think the difference between Coke and Diet Coke is pretty big. I don't see how someone with as serious a disease as diabetes can't either taste the difference or refrain from consuming these drinks unless they are 100% sure which variety they are getting.

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ticookie_fml 0

I'm diabetic, and sometimes Diet Pepsi and regular Pepsi can be pretty tough to distinguish. Diet Coke, yeah, that's very easy. They designed Diet Coke to have a different flavor from Coke. Diet Pepsi, on the other hand, is supposed to taste just like Pepsi. Same goes with Diet Dr. Pepper.

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Are YOU stupid? Diet soda is sugar free. Not one gram of sugar but they use sugar substitute chemicals which does make diet worse.

dun_dun_dun 0

My mom is diabetic and she can taste the difference between diet coke and regular coke.

I'm not diabetic but sometimes I have a hard time telling the difference between diet & regular. Mostly just how overwhelmingly sweet regular usually is - but sometimes I have to ask my BF or friends to taste it for me in case I'm just being crazy.

I can't tell a difference 90% of the time. After drinking diet soda for so many years, the taste difference is kinda neutralized. :/

In cans or bottles maybe, but fountain drinks can be so badly mixed that it's hard to tell.

I think the question is "are YOU stupid?" because all soda has sugar and if not sugar the corn syrup, which makes your blood sugar spike high also

asscheaks 0

an not to mention, at fast food joints, don't you get ur own drinks?

they didn't order diet dr pepper. they ordered diet coke. coke and diet coke taste completely different

swearmonkey 0

Once again the point of people who think they know about diabetes but dont is brought up again. @325 THERE IS NO SUGAR AT ALL IN DIET DRINKS! NO CORN SYRUP! ARTFICIAL SWEETENER!

I'm diabetic and have been for a while and I've only just started to be able to tell the difference. This always used to happen to me, sorry OP! FYL

What? There's a hugely noticeable difference in taste between Dr. Pepper and diet Dr. Pepper. Guess you can't taste it, but it's there

ahmo11 4

Still people can get really sick if they didn't have diet drinks. My dad is diabetic and i go get him food I have to go in a watch if they give me diet. Cause if some people see you skinny or fat the will give you whatever they feel like. So it is the actually the employee at the food places fault

Are you that stupid?

go spike their drinks with insulin.

I'd be pissed they coulda killed you

That sucks. Can you sue bastards easily in France?

stripedoctor 3

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txgirl09 5

You shouldn't have to emphasize anything to have your order filled properly. And the OP shouldn't have to be deprived of diet soda just because you don't think it should be the responsibility of those being paid to fill the OPs food order to do so correctly.

boatkicker 4

to add to what they just said: It's not dangerous at all if OP planned for it, and they had given him the right order.

Even if it wasn't diet coke.. From a fast-food restaurant?.. It'd have to have more water than coke in it.. lol.. They're cheap-skates..

ticookie_fml 0

Don't forget about diabetic ketoacidosis though. That might've happened, and every diabetic knows how much that sucks.

And why not order a massive size drink? It's supposed to be diet, so if you're really thirsty, it's OK (unless you want to go into blah blah how bad sodas are for you etc, in which case I'll just tell that person "I know more than you do about this subject, kthx")

dudeitsdanny 9

Diabetics can even drink regular soda if they're careful about it. My dad has diabetes, and he can't stand the taste of regular soda anymore, but he has other sugary things(like ice cream or even a beer) when he plans for it and works out extra in the gym.

txgirl09 5

Take a pill and relax. If you had bothered to read the comment I was replying to (and it seems like you didn't) you'd see I am not blame shifting. Yes mistakes get made in orders. That's life. And it sucks it happened to the OP. But the poster above me was basically blaming the OP for having the gall to expect diet soda when they ordered diet soda and to even be ordering diet soda in the first place. That was my only point.

stripedoctor 3

All i am saying is that if you worked at a restaurant, you would get a diet and regular soda mixed up every once in a while. And you shouldn't get cursed out for a mistake, even if it kills someone. If they did not tell there waiter the problem, why be against the waiter? It's not their fault.

txgirl09 5

That's not what you said at all. And who's talking about swearing?

@11: Exactly. The staff are paid to get it right. As someone who suffers anaphylaxis triggered by one, specific preservative, I take as many precautions as possible. I carry an Epi-Pen EVERYWHERE, always have antihistamines on me and always have ambulance membership. I read all labels and am aware of different names the allergen goes by, question when I need to, and err on the side of caution when I can't get a definite answer.

Despite this, I have STILL encountered people who don't understand, don't realise the severity of anaphylaxis, or simply don't care - and screw things up, anyway. If the OP ordered and paid for diet soda, he should have RECEIVED diet soda. The responsibility lies with the staff he paid.

missymay993 11

8, you are a fucktard. I will not explain all of the reasons why you are a fucktard as all hope is lost for you. But I will say this, if someone makes a mistake, and innocent mistake, that kills /you/ then I hope your beliefs are fulfilled and they aren't held accountable in the least. Fucktard.

I don't care that this was posted over 2 years ago; this is just such a ridiculous thing to say, stripedoctor. "You shouldn't get cursed out for a mistake, even if it kills someone"?! In some cases, people call that kind of mistake "manslaughter"... Not sure this one would be quite severe enough (don't really know from a law point if view), but I think a "mistake" like that is worth getting told off for - which, incidentally, can be done with a minimal amount of swearing. I certainly would go back to complain, which says a lot because I practically never do.

104-- Ice cream is completely safe; simple syrups are not. Ice cream has fat and protein to slow the absorption of the carbs. Soda, juice, cake decorating gel, glucose tabs, and other 'pure sugar' products are used specifically to spike the BG when it's too low.

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give them diebetes and a regular coke see how they like it

diabetes isn't contagious

txgirl09 5

Man, That's just...ouch. I hope you went back and let the manager know what happened. Messing up food orders can be a dangerous game when so many people have things like diabetes and allergies.

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They tend to fill the drinks for you in Europe. I've never been to a BK or McDonald's in the UK that let you fill your own drink, and the McDonald's I've been to in France filled the drinks for you.