By lachaisse - 12/05/2013 12:09 - United States - Vinton

Today, my sisters and I pitched together nearly $500 to send my mom to the spa for Mother's Day. We put the printed sheet with her info into a little box with our card on top. When she opened it, she freaked out and started hugging my dad. Turns out he switched the cards and took all the credit. FML
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Bigfabthetruth52 22

Uhh, what a dick.

And parents wonder their kids have no respect for them...


Your dad is a faggot, anyways did you tell your mom the truth?

courtney680 17

What a prick. Hopefully they did. I'd be pissed

Bigfabthetruth52 22

Uhh, what a dick.

ulquiorra102 10

I was gonna try to come up with a witty comment, but this...I'm pretty sure this summarizes what everyone's thinking xD

#2 How is that top comment worthy?

I will now sit wonder through my days "How the F**k did that guy get top comment?"

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aneurophobia 5

took the words from my mouth

#85 no, that's not being a dad. My Dad always made sure the "good gift" was from my sister and I. That Dad is a jerk and if my husband ever even thinks this is acceptable I will slap him

#95 haha whatever you say

mybarra6 17

Looks like Batman is going to have to teach your dick of a dad a lesson!

Yes, because Batman can save ALL the worlds problems!

Too lazy to turn on your TV? Call Batman!

Batman is just mad that he can't celebrate mothers day. You know, because his parents are dead.

You probably shouldn't say that stuff about Batman.He's EVERYWHERE.....

Except his parents' house. Because they are dead.

Um, he lives in his parents' house.

#69 That awkward moment when Batman lives in his parents' house.......

You don't happen to have a stash of free candy and stuffed animals do you? Either way still creepy you refer to yourself as batman...

Clever plan but your fathers an ass.

Your dad done did good

1) lear a little grammar 2)If you like dicks,why don't you go to a gay bar?

Learn how to spell, Grammer Nazi.

Sonotsuave 33

not funny to talk about gays man

Whoa. This thread is fucked. Peace out...

Wizardo 33

Woah what a prick! Here's an idea, switch out his fathers day presents for f*ck all!

Or give him the bill for Father's Day ;)

And parents wonder their kids have no respect for them...

He's not getting anything for Father's Day

hellomynameisash 14

yes he is, hes getting the bill..

Well he can just forget about Father's day then huh?