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Today, I was eating a mystery flavored candy and I had an allergic reaction. Not only did I have to go to the hospital because my throat swelled up, but I still don't know what I'm allergic to. FML
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  Ctrl_H  |  18

I watched a documentory on candy (as sad as that is) a while back. Apparently, when making candy they use only one machine and make whole batches of a single flavor at a time. Back in the day, they would make a batch of orange candies, then shut down the factory, clean all the machines and crap, open the factory, then start making lemon candies. Now one company decided to be resourceful and just keep the machines going without cleaning the left over orange candies out. This produced a weird mix of two flavors, in this case orange and lemon. They decided to name it mystery flavor instead of throwing it all away. Now we know your allergy is a mix of two flavors. Eat all the lollipops and see which one kills you I guess. By the way I used orange and lemon only because they are my favorite, it could be any two flavors really.

  Mossears133  |  15

That might not help. With dum-dums, for example, they just throw whatever is leftover in the "mystery flavor" vat, so it's always a mix of random flavors.


Although probably necessary, allergy testing when you have no clue what the allergy is is an extremely long, painful and annoying process. I would try almost anything else, including narrowing down ingredients through customer service, before subjecting myself to that.

  niallo  |  23

When it comes to your throat closing up, I think I'd take the pain. It's better then being dead. The second reaction is usually stronger then the first.

  Soloman212  |  28

Usually, such as with dum dums, they're just one of the existing flavors, but unlabeled, or, such as with air heads, a blend of existing flavors. So I don't think that it's generally sketchy, but I guess it isn't a good idea for someone with food allergies to eat.
However, would someone with a fruit allergy actually react to a candy flavored after that fruit? I'm pretty sure they usually flavor it with chemicals that simulate the taste of the fruit, and not the fruit itself, no?

  s15c  |  9

50- With Dum Dums, the mystery flavored are the lollipops produced in a machine between flavors. Instead of cleaning the machine, they just run a small batch with a small bit of the old flavor mixed with a small bit of the new flavor, so that when they label the next batch, it's almost entirely that flavor with little residue from whatever was in the machine previously.

  KaityK  |  13

With fruit allergies, it's generally not the actual fruit that one is allergic to, but rather the persticides that are used on the fruit. It makes it a pain in the ass avoiding it. :( I'm allergic to "fruits and vegetables". Basically, just a few pesticides, but it's easier to say I'm allergic to the food rather than explain the pesticide part. So it wouldn't show up in candy such as air heads or dumdums.

By  xYin  |  16

Get a doctor named after a noun to figure out the mystery for you. Just remember, he'll probably be antisocial and not to talk to you til you're almost dying, then he'll bring you back from the gates of hell with a long explanation of what you're allergic to and how he found that out.

  Enslaved  |  36

Yep! (: That's what those "Dum-dum" lollipops candies with the question marks are. A mix of the left over flavours in the between stage.(:
I love guessing those, as long as it's not half of that yucky buttered popcorn one. :P