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  JonaDona  |  2

.....i dont get it..


All the OP needs to do is hold on to the counter, sink, back of the toilet or whatever to stand up with the good leg, use one hand to balance against whatever he/she used to stand up and the other to wipe..its not that hard.

  usnwife  |  18

I had a total ACL reconstruction, on crutches for a couple months with knee in an immobilizer brace, and never had a single problem with wiping my ass... If this is real, OP is either incredibly stupid or incredibly lazy. Or both...

  Okamichu  |  21

Unless you have had knee surgery you won't understand, I have knee surgery last year and I couldn't wipe properly either when I could finally move. Try sitting down with your leg straight out and don't bend it and try and wipe, good luck.

  Sticxz  |  0

wow if u wasted *2 seconds to read it and its a waste of ur "precious" life why are you wasting even more time writing shitty ass comments you douche


Yeeah, I dunno about you guys, but I use this really awesome stuff called "toilet paper" to wipe with. :-O
But logistically I don't see how not being about to bend one knee would mean you couldn't wipe. Just shift to your good side... if it was both, then I could see, but only one? Doesn't make sense...

  TanyaTwoTits  |  0

He/she could have just slowly "fallen back" onto the toilet by bracing against the wall or sink or tub, keeping their leg outstretched. How they get up from the toilet though, well... they're fucked twice.