By lachaisse - 12/05/2013 12:09 - United States - Vinton

Today, my sisters and I pitched together nearly $500 to send my mom to the spa for Mother's Day. We put the printed sheet with her info into a little box with our card on top. When she opened it, she freaked out and started hugging my dad. Turns out he switched the cards and took all the credit. FML
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Bigfabthetruth52 22

Uhh, what a dick.

And parents wonder their kids have no respect for them...


That sucks. Tell your mom the truth. For father's day give him fake lottery tickets or get a box the size of something he REALLLYYY wants, and put a drawing of a Kindle finger in it. Add some random newspapers and junk to make it feel the same weight as what he wants.

goodoldave 17

Wow, next time don't let him find out.

Great idea but next time don't tell troll dad what's in the box

MsMourningStar 22

Call him out!

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Can't you show her reciepts to show that you and your sister got the tickets?

They now have the choice of letting mom be happy or putting mom into a fight. They sacrificed their happiness for hers, that makes them family heroes. Good for them.

37, although I see where you're coming from they should still admit to it. It's bound to come up in future family arguments with the mum shouting that the kids don't do anything for her like their father does and so on. I've seen it happen unfortunately and it's not fair on the kids. They could even say they all pooled together to prevent major arguments!

Dick much? I would have slap him

Burst his bubble and tell her the truth. That's a dick move.

Tell her you did it Op. I hate it when people donkt do things like say something.

Dang! I only bought my mother a $15. rose bush! I feel like a cheapskate! (Plus taking her out for lunch now!) :P Sounds like dad needs to pitch in some cash or tongues are going to get loose and dad will look like the liar he is!

Well, for all we know, OP could have 25 sisters. Not much of a difference then :P