By Anonymous - Australia
  Today, I saw a real, erect penis for the first time. My brother's, while he was jerking off. He doesn't know I saw, because he was holding a pair of panties over his face with his other hand. I'm trying like hell to act like I'm not mentally scarred. FML
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  Magnic  |  6

Actually it's better if they where his sister's and not his mother's or OH GOD his father's.

I'm into shit like siblings incest so i presume i'm one to talk, right?

  flufee2  |  27

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  theTravinator  |  21

What do you suggest OP do? Never leave her room? Get a guard dog to guard her panties? Set up a bear trap that snaps off the foot of someone stealing stuff from her dresser?
How could you possibly come to the conclusion that it would be OPs fault, I'm genuinely curious