By FuckedOver - 14/01/2016 14:31 - United States - Houston

Today, I found out my mom took around $2,500 from my savings account to pay off my sister's college tuition. She recently flunked out of her studies and won't be returning to college anyway. FML
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mermaidkeels 26

Moral of the story: your mom shouldn't have access to your savings account.

Millionman24 16

that is what is called a dick move


Millionman24 16

that is what is called a dick move

OP, get your mom off the savings account!

Can't take someone off unless said someone willingly signs a form that they are removed from the account. But OP can create a new one alone. And not have a stealing mother on it.

That's what we call a lawsuit in the works. I may be a bit heartless, but if my mother is an adult and she taught me to be responsible for my actions.

No it's not. If she has signing authority on the account, then she has signing authority on the account. It's pretty much that simple.

liquifiednate 21

She should have made your sister get off her ass and work to pay that off.

uchihadesendent 14

That's selfish of her OP confront her about it.

Ever use punctuation, #3? You can add more than one.

Tell your mom to pay you back the 2500 dollars

More than likely, the mother will feel as though she's "entitled" to OP's money, and will refuse to pay it back. She already managed to steal from OP, so I doubt she's beyond doing that. Nevertheless, OP should demand his money back and bar access to his account from his mother.

Scorpio1691 29

As far as I'm concerned. its theft. call the cops.

Its probably a savings account that OPs mum set up for her/him and put money into, thats why she had access to it and OP was none the wiser.

That's messed up

mermaidkeels 26

Moral of the story: your mom shouldn't have access to your savings account.

this depends, if let's say op worked and she could have access to his account due to the fact that he is underage

mermaidkeels 26

If she took $2,500 from her underaged child who theoretically would have to work their butt off to save that money, she is not a nice lady.

Taking $2500 from her own child who probably saved that themselves still paints her to be a rather unpleasant lady anyways...

Dswank620 18

I work and I'm underage so my mom has full access to my bank account, so there was probably nothing op could do about it, I can't believe his mother would be morally okay with that though

mariri9206 32

Not necessarily true. Some moms can be trusted, like mine. However, I would NOT trust my dad with access to it.

Oyas12 14

can't you sue or something?

Depending on OP's age and depending on the account titles. If it were a joint account or the mom was a signer (aka agent) on the account, no. But if the mom took the money from OP without being authorized to do so, that is the bank or credit union's liability and therefore the institution will be in trouble just as much as the mother. So, hopefully OP you will now have an account of your own. I stopped having shared accounts with my parents once I turned 16.

41 in most cases you can't even take money out of an underage saving account without signature from both people

Not true. I worked for both banks and credit unions. Every one I worked at required only one authorized signer to withdraw. They are a signer for that reason. Which is why I am saying, IF the mother is an authorized signer, technically nothing can be done (from a legal stand point). But if not, then both the mother and the financial institution are liable. Morally, the mother shouldn't have touched the money. And morally, she should repay it.

My working assumption is that OP is either under 18 or it was an account created when OP was under 18. Both of which are contracts that require a guardian to sign. OP, clean it out and start a new one with only your name on it. Assuming you're 18. If you're not, clean it out and talk to your banks accounts manager about options to keep this from happening in the future.

That's rude of her. Change your pin or something so she can longer have access.

mds9986 24

How did she get access to your account?

That's an awful thing to do. Especially after your sister failed.