By Anonymous - 20/04/2013 01:16 - New Zealand

Today, I was the victim of a drive-by egging by some bastard riding a Segway. He still got away. FML
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MeganLovesPandas 5

Never trust a guy on a segway.

DrainedOfSanity 4
1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I remember when I first saw a segway on campus. They're the future transportation!

DarkJediLove 19

What do out of shape Americans have to do with New Zealand?

#13, except that OP is in New Zealand. But still, time to start that exercise routine.

#13 had all her sanity drained so they had to start siphoning off her intelligence.

16- they were invented in 2001, so, not really the future. And 21- idk if an exercise routine could even help, those things can go up to 12.5mph (20 kph)!

iLike2Teabag 27

We should have street races on Segways, then

an average human on a dash can do 20 kph

#54 Assuming you have a spear, proper footwear, and everything I read on the internet is true, I'd have to believe you.

iLike2Teabag 27

Considering Usain Bolt can go 36 kph, the average person should at least be able to run half as fast

iammeorami 25

Never trust anyone one a Segway.

Yes, 69, thank you for clarifying the first comment. NOW I understand.

You shouldn't have mentioned THEM. Beware, #2.

THEY are always watching, so watch your comments.

Did you say THEM?!? *runs away screaming*

Damian95 16

Because he wasn't on a Segway. Duh.

plum_lovin 28

I would laugh if a video of a guy egging people on a Segway got featured on ifunny. Coincidence? I think not..

LosAngelesSon 8

The fact that they got away on a segway, made this a YDI.

What you don't know is that this Segway was equipped with a mustang v8 engine. The car is now just a storage box for other throwing items, like tomatoes and used condoms.

Segway has a top speed of 15+ MPH. Tell me you would have caught him on foot.

Yes, I could most certainly have speared the **** out of him. We're not talking about an extended run here. This would be a full-on sprint, 20 seconds tops, considering the average human who is in shape can run between 17 and 22 miles an hour (with proper footwear). World class runners have hit about 28, though that would obviously be holding the bar a bit high. If you don't believe me, or you can't sprint for 20 seconds, my guess is that's because you're in poor shape, and I recommend starting a cardio regimen.

But you assume that he was even with the segway when he tried to catch him. catching up to someone going 12 mph is a lot harder when they're a good distance away.

The average human runs 22mph? World class sprinters have reached that but definitely not the average person. And why in the world would you have a spear lying around?

55- I don't assume shit. Twenty seconds TOPS. That could be shorter depending on reaction time. Though I could understand being so flabbergasted by a segway egging to just stand there dumbfounded. 65 - Average person: 17 to 22 mph World class: 28 mph Learn to read, please. Being willfully Eeletterote isn't cool. Also, spear as in tackle.... An egging may be a dick move, but murder is not an appropriate response.

Because it all happened in middle earth.

Who does this kind of thing on a segway?

theannak 7

Obviously the guy who did it...I'm just gonna guess assholes...

Happen*? I'm confused are you missing a word?

monnanon 13

the first word is who not how. so no they are not missing a word.

AboveAll04 14

36- your name suits you quite well.

People conducting themselves in the manner of a boss do this.

Betty White and the cast of Off Their Rockers...

mmdogg01 2

You fat fcck. How can you not catch a Segway?

oj101 33