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Today, I was feeling frisky and asked my boyfriend if he wanted a blowjob. He said, "Fuck no", then rolled over to go to sleep. FML
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This isn't really relevant but next time he does this you should say "Fine, then can you give me one?" and see his reaction


No man in the history of men is that tired.

Some men also aren't into ********.

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tired or not the girl does all the work anyways. he didnt have to be so rude about it, though. a simple no thank you wouldve been perfectly fine

******* or not, don't **** with a guy when he's trying to sleep.

Maybe they already had intercourse. Some people get really tired after the act..I mean girls are able to keep going but once a guy is done, he is done..or so I have heard.

Yeah......... No. Not true at all. I know a ton of girls that can't keep going. Once they finish, it's done. Period.

151 ...Or maybe that's just what they tell you lol

I've heard that but yet to see it in RL.

151 -- that's a good sign. Essentially, you want her to collapse into a writhing pile of post-coital bliss.

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That's rape. You wouldn't tell a guy to wake his girlfriend up by fingering her after she refused him, not all guys want sex all the time. If he doesn't OP should learn to be respectful.

@42 *man. :P @53 I'd be totally fine with it if my boyfriend woke me up with oral after I was too tired to have sex the night before. And if I wasn't, I'd just say 'no' and then he'd, you know, respect that.

I agree with 54 my gf normality changes her mind by the morning and if she doesn't she says "babe stop" and rolls over.

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Y'all need to read FMLs about surprise ******** in the morning. Either way, OP can't win if the men of FML women are anything to go by.

It might be okay for you, but it is a red flag. My friends warned me when mine attempted to undress me in my sleep. No matter if it is just as a joke or if a person is needy, it isn't right. No means no.

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It's all about the wake up blowie!!!

suck your mans dick. you get free stuff. sounds like love :)

I don't know why you got down voted 53. This comment was much better to see than the comments I usually see on FMLs.

When i was married, waking up to sex/******** was awesome.. Like others hsve said he could say no,, but why would he?

Why reward him for his behaviour? I'd not offer him another BJ after that. Or not until he offered me oral first..

I dont umderstand why people are opposed to waking a guy up with a *******. its only trying to pleasure them, so its not selfish. if they dont want it then oh well back to sleep. theres no real harm done is there? my boyfriend wants to be woken up with his dick in my mouth more than anything on the planet. if the day came when he wasnt in the mood im sure he wouldnt feel violated by me trying to make him happy

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That is a very truthful and great statement that you made. I would give anything for that to happen between me and my wife.

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Woah, what the f*ck?! That's not cool at all?

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This is made even more scary by the fact that guys wake up with hard-ons so if it's getting bit, there will be serious damage and bleeding in the morning.

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Some people can't take a joke

#68 I think there would be serious damage either way.

It's not that we can't take a joke... It's the fact that he had to put that image into our minds...

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#89 Some people can't make a joke.

This isn't really relevant but next time he does this you should say "Fine, then can you give me one?" and see his reaction

I don't even know what to say. I wish I had a girlfriend who would give me ********.

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I wish I had a boyfriend to give ******** to.

I wish I had the lower half of my body.

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I wish I had someone one that admires me in general.

I wish people would stop only making wishes and instead would work on accomplishing them

*Gives #170 a pet turtle* (I can grant that wish!)

This is completely irrelevant to what they're talking about

What kind of a dude doesn't want a *******? I thought there was like an understood, universal "yes" response. Maybe I've been misinformed...

You have been. There's times when guys don't want sex. We're not machines.

I thought so too... Then again one guy I dated never wanted blow jobs at all

Your profile says that you are 20 why the hell are you married?!

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because she does what she wants. Even if that seems counter to what society thinks is not empowering to women at that age. Free choice is ultimate power.

only a sexually deprived person would say so. do you not feel satisfied after an ******? then theres something wrong in your biology.

#84, why must there be something wrong with #60's biology? Must be sexually deprived? You sound incredibly judgmental. Sex can be tiring yet amazing so not everyone likes it every night. That doesn't mean #60 doesn't feel satisfied when she has sex. ******** are much simpler and vice vs for guys helping their girl feel good without sex. Just because someone's sex life is different from yours doesn't mean something is wrong with the other person.

@awfulusername Hey I'm all for love and crap, but since you got married at 17 I'm not counting on your marriage to last because you were a kid when you got married. You let it be our business when you let us know about yourself. PS no wonder your Hubby doesn't deny blow jobs he's still young enough to be sex crazy, any little bit he wants.

TEENAGERS would always say yes to a ******** because most of them are sex crazed and can't get as much as they want. plenty of regular adults don't want sex every second of the day. (and to the retard who said sex and blow jobs are different things to a lot of people sex just means getting off. There's a reason it's called ORAL sex) However why is this girl asking if he wants one? go down on him by surprise, it's far more likely to work in your favor

111, my comment was towards 7. im aware people dont need it every night. that was my point. im a married woman and dont have sex everynight. we dont need it.

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I'm guessing you've never been on the receiving end of really bad oral.

I didn't think there was such thing for a man..?

At least he didn't tell you that he had a headache.

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lol, you watch too many sitcoms, dude

I think that excuse has existed even before sitcoms

The joke, I believe, is that the headache lies with the OTHER head. If you catch the drift. Don't take it literally.

61, sex helps sometimes, but when your head hurts so bad that it can't handle the movement from sex in the first place, it just makes it 10x worse and basically impossible to reach the big O.

agreed! I get chronic headaches/migraines and my bf always thinks sex will help. I wish!!

Next time he asks for sex, just say the same thing

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Women can say no to sex, men should be punished for it, right?

guys aren't always up for sex. they can be tired or not driven

Usually when that happens, the appropriate response would be "I'm tired" instead of "**** no"

#51 Maybe he had a bad day? Or he could get cranky when he's tired.