By turdtonomor9 - 12/05/2013 14:08 - United States

Today, I agreed to help out my 4-year crush with his senior prank which is to pretend we are dating for 1 day to freak everyone out. Glad to know dating me is prank worthy. FML
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I can sympathize, OP, but you didn't have to agree.

That sounds like a really pathetic prank to me. I don't know why you helped him out to make yourself look like a laughing stock though!


I can sympathize, OP, but you didn't have to agree.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

On the contrary. The guy could have used this as an opportunity/excuse to date OP. This could very well be the chance she was hoping for!

Did you miss the part where he said, "1 day" and "pretend"?

ApollosMyth 22

15 - It sounds like you're missing optimism.

Ok ok ok. I may of sounded like a jerk.(It sounded better in my head :P) Sorry if I offended anyone in the process. I really don't want to start one of those stupid arguements where everyone gets dislikes. Sometimes I just lose my optimisicality. :P

And I'm pretty sure I made that word up.

Although this must have been really horrible for you OP you should have more self respect than to agree to do something like this

You crushed on him for 4 years? YDI. Ask him out or move on.

Zambowi 15

Aren't senior pranks supposed to be memorable anyway? I can't imagine 30 years later "DO YOU REMEMBER THAT AWESOME SENIOR PRANK DONE BY _____ WHEN HE PRETENDED TO DATE THAT GIRL"

Mylifemaysuck 6

Why did you guys give those negative votes? All she was saying is that she liked the word, explained what he/she was trying to say, and she said she will be using the word cause she likes it so much? I give him/her thumb up!

LeesaLovesYou 6

Aw! I'm so sorry.

fishstick557 14

Honestly if its been a 4 year crush you might as well move on

Maybe you could tell him that you really liked it?

Use it to your advantage and ask for a real date!

bamagrl410 31

Exactly! Make him realize how great you are & what he's missing out on by not dating you.

That sounds like a really pathetic prank to me. I don't know why you helped him out to make yourself look like a laughing stock though!

She'd only be a laughing stock if he wanted to prank date her because she was really fat/ugly/whatever makes people unpopular lately. They could just be really good friends, the prank being that no one would expect it and it would be weird because they're so close and have known each other for years or something. OP wouldn't be a laughing stock then and, personally, I think the latter is a lot more likely here.

noonenoeone 22

No I doubt it's because they're really good friends...OPs probably obese

The "prank" may be a ploy to have a date with OP. Maybe the OP's crush wanted to do it this way. It isn't very nice, but hey, look on the bright side.(I know that I'm most likely wrong, but there may still be hope!)

I'm terribly sorry, but why'd you agree to help?

4 years huh? You waited that long for you to realize he wasn't interested in you?

They could be close friends that tell each other everything which would make it seem like OP's crush is interested or at least more than just a normal friendship... Don't judge someone unless you know everything...

skyttlz 32

I have a crush that I can't let him know because he's taken. I can still look though.

What is this? Crush confession corner?

32: So you can either wait for him to break up and maybe get your opportunity or find someone else to ask out and maybe have some fun and happiness yourself.

Mylifemaysuck 6

Har har har :)

Maybe he secretly likes you and wants to see how everyone will react? I mean, there's gotta be a reason he picked you for the prank, right?

Could be Op would freak them out the most.

Or she is really ugly....

challan 19

I would have created a dramatic scene at the end where I dumped him with claims of inadequacies in his pants and what looked to be herpes.

challan 19

Ha! Getting to know my personality through FML, I love it!

Well your OP name does have turd in it....