By anonymous / Tuesday 17 December 2013 05:02 / United States - Minneapolis
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  \  |  28

After years of living with mine, I can assure you that you can't always trust your own parents. Report it, OP


My credit card has a pin and a chip, and both my debit and credit card have express tap to pay but the max is $50 anything over that is going to ask for a pin. I am in Canada though. It just seems a bit more secure to have it like that.

  jazzy_123  |  20

Don't they ask for ID when you pay with credit? I know here in California they have to. Sometimes they'll forget and stuff, but a lot of jobs require that. Sorry OP, if that's the case where you live, those employees did not do their job!


I used to work retail and people would get extremely shitty with me when I asked for ID. So when I worked my second retail job I stopped asking. It wasn't a rule so I didn't do it. I dealt with enough bullshit in retail without people making a fuss over me protecting their identity.

  crazytwinsmom  |  25

I'm in the US and have credit cards with pins. I only have to use the pin if I want to get cash from an ATM on the credit card. My debit card can be used as debit or credit.

  junkman6  |  22

For people talking about the ID, I'm willing to bet it was online shopping. Also reporting the card stolen starts an investigation so OPs mother will be in the shit either way.

  jet223  |  20

I don't understand how it would help anyone if they sue their own mother? I mean really. It's just going to further damage the family. She also took care of you and raised you for at least 18 years. Just because she took your credit card and won't pay it back doesn't mean you can forget about everything and just take her to court. On that note, I agree with taking her card and spending it on whatever you want, equivalent to however much she spent.

  TallMist  |  31

IDC if she raised me. If my mother stole my money, I'm going to get her to pay me back. It is NOT within a mother's rights to steal from their kid.

  Ambient25  |  24

BTW if you can, get your hands on her card and get back at her by buying everyone on FML a present. I want a tandem motorcycle with spike wheels and a polar bear in the other seat wearing goggles and holding a machine gun. PM me for address.

  Sinsation  |  7

I've never come across a credit card needing a PIN number, but I do see a lot that only asks for a signature or ZIP code. But maybe I just don't go out enough.