Today, my sister was on shrooms. I wasn't able to tackle her before she called the cops to say that her books were trying to eat her face off. FML

By ugh annoying / Friday 1 July 2011 07:41 / United States
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  wintamint101  |  7

hey... she could've died

  humzizzl3  |  0

that whore, shrooms are fun

  wintamint101  |  7

...i meant from the books eating her face

  livin_plur  |  0

34- um hello shrooms can kill you if you eat too many just like any other drug, I would know a few of my friends have o.d.'d on them, and it's not like a hallucinogen, it is a hallucinogen.

  xmayne  |  0

You can't OD on shrooms it's impossible.

  wordnerd42  |  0

It's not like they could pull out guns or knives or anyt-HOLY SH-- -blackness-

  theguy33  |  1

why would it be FHL she's the one thats taking the shrooms.

  j_cat187  |  19

it's impossible to describe tripping ballz it fucks with reality as well as making memories become reality... again it's indescribable and evryones different.

  NomOnShroomz  |  14

No they're very shy creatures living in the magical candy forrest of the south pole and they only come out one day of each year to harvest there money trees to crawl back in there fluffy seal fat nests at dawn... yes, shrooms are drugs, dumbfuck.

  cocobulla1  |  4

You don't need to take the "Drugs 101" class to know what shrooms are. I'm 13 and I know, please don't tell me you're innocent enough to NOT know. Goddammit.

By  zukinihudini  |  0

stop whinning you're not the one had books trying to their face off

  mariahjoomeh  |  0

Way to recover from a past comment, Word Nerd.


Im sorry to regret that you as well are missing three words in your statement you should have said" i regret TO inform you that some words ARE missing FROM your statement"

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