By sad_unicorn
Today, my mother in law likes to baby my partner. Gets him drinks, kisses him on the forehead, talks to him like he's 8, does everything for him. And she gives me death stares, especially when she hugs him when I'm around. FML
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By  jackroarrr  |  25

You should talk to your partner about that or just think it's only temp ... Honestly I would be sarcastic about it and make her look like an idiot whenever she goes to get him a drink just say hey "name get me one too please beautiful" lol

By  Etweens96  |  24

Ok I've seen situations like this and it will get worse. You seriously need to discuss this with your husband and if he sees nothing wrong with it, consider filing for separation

  kafka13  |  9

i agree, thats a huge red flag, his crazy obsessed mom is gonna be involved in every aspect of her son's life and will take his partners as threat/competition giving them hate and nothing more because in her mind no woman is good enough for her precious son

  Etweens96  |  24

I've heard about a case where a mother was so into her son's life it was nauseating. It was so bad the son would sleep with the mom and the police learned that they would kiss in a romantic way and it got even to where the cops thought the mom and son were........yeah. But when the couple divorced the mom wanted the children cause she wanted to be the mom of her grandchildren. It was crazy ass stuff but I pray for OP that things don't turn out like that.