By peanutprobs - 31/10/2014 21:12 - Germany - Bochum

Today, my friend took our prank war too far when he secretly added peanuts to my food. I have a peanut allergy. FML
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TanzWolf 26

If he didn't know, then it's be funny, but if he knew.... Well, **** him.

That's awful! Hope you're ok.. Add lube to his food.


TanzWolf 26

If he didn't know, then it's be funny, but if he knew.... Well, **** him.

Why would they pull that prank if they didn't know?

TanzWolf 26

Peanuts can be absolutely horrible if put in foods that don't belong with peanuts.

#29- this our 2 billionth nut related joke! you win! and your prize?.....nothing, sorry.

#1 what other reason would he have for putting peanuts in his food if he didn't know seriously?

That's awful! Hope you're ok.. Add lube to his food.

tony1891 22

did you just say add lube to his food? why would you do that?!

Why would you add peanuts to the food of someone who's allergic? at least the lube won't kill him.

For what?? To make his food go down better??

I think #3 talks about the lube because he suggest OP to put his friend's food right in his as*.

add glue into his food the super sticky kind

RecklessLove 18

i think they mean like gorilla glue...idfk what else they could mean....sweet release all over their food? idk.

well, super glue isn't so much sticky as it is saw part of skin off. and Elmer's glue is kind of sticky. tacky glue?

Your friend is nuts for doing that, that "prank" could have gone horribly wrong.

thats not a prank, i think he was trying to poison you.

That's nut nice at all. He should pecan someone else.

TanzWolf 26

You tried really hard for this.

Octwo 16

IMO these jokes got old a long time ago.

IMO the people complaining about the puns is a bit worse.

Sorry that your friend is an idiot. It's not funny when it can kill you! Glad you're ok.

Oh heck that's due for a surprise nail to the gonads when he's least expecting it in the most embarrassing place possible

Pray it was a poorly thought out prank and he was not using the war as a cover for more malicious activities.

ChristianH39 30

He probably thought it would just make OP a little itchy or similarly not life threatening. Unless he's tired of the prank war and just wanted to kill OP.

I agree. Either he didn't know op had an allergy and put the peanuts in the food to mess up the taste. Or more likely, he knew he had an allergy but just thought he would get a bit itchy and some hives or something. I am mildly allergic to peanuts and only get an itchy throat, however I was told to never eat peanuts again because an itchy throat is a sign it could close and peanut allergies can increase in severity as time goes on. No allergy joke is ever funny because even a mild allergy may turn into a severe one. I think your friend is just stupid and didn't realize the real damage that could have caused.