Affectionate, huh?

By littlemiss - 10/02/2013 16:17 - Canada - Whitby

Today, my little sister chased me around the house with a mallet, giggling like a maniac. I ended up having to pin her to the ground, rip the mallet out of her hand and lock her in the bathroom. This isn't the first time. My mom still insists it's perfectly normal. FML
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If it's so normal, start doing that to you your mom. She'll see how 'normal' it is.

Make an amateur horror movie out of it and become rich.


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My cousin went through a phase where she would chase me around with a metal baseball bat until she trapped me in a closet, then she would just sit there waiting for me to leave.

41- Why do I feel like your profile picture goes perfectly with this situation?

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She needs a new phase... While this sounds fun, chasing someone around with a large, angry snake is way more fulfilling.

Make an amateur horror movie out of it and become rich.

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Quentin Tarantino(sp?) approves.

"little sister" + "giggling" = not very scary

But, little sister + giggling + MALLET = terrifying.

#76 when she is giggling because she wants to beat your brain out with a mallet that's scary. The little spawn of satan.

No, Dameon has already Ben done. Maybe a little shinning action in Texas. Redrum with a mallet

Toddlers and steel mallets. A new TLC show

If it's so normal, start doing that to you your mom. She'll see how 'normal' it is.

I wholeheartedly support this suggestion... post videos on YouTube

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I have two motions, all those in favor say "aye." The ayes have it. Number 4 you may proceed with the chasing of your mother.

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My sister use to try to chop my head off with a shovel because she didn't want to do her chores. My mom didn't believe me till she watched her try several times.

My sister tried this once... Just look at my profile picture. Get out while you still can, Op!

Does your sister have some issues with violence...?

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No, 19, she sounds like a real pacifist.

5- It took you mom watching "serveral times"?! One violent sister, one mentally slow mom. Congratulations on your survival.

Watch your back OP. Lock your door when you sleep, you don't wanna leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

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I find this a little disturbing. More people die in this country from hammers then guns. True fact.

No they don't. More people die from hammers than with ASSAULT weapons, not regular ones. Don't spread shit as fact when you're stupid.

That's horrible, 37! Being beaten with a hammer and then being shot as well just seems so... excessive.

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Older people consider it "child's play", similar to bullying, not okay at all by any means.

Unfortunately I know exactly what that's like, except in my family it's my brother with knives. I hope that your mum wises up, and gets her help. Hopefully the situation gets better.

I doubt she will wise up until to late..

I'm sure the solution will hit you soon.

Is she on SSRIs? Better tell Feinstein to ban all assault mallets.

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Do you even know what SSRI's are, or what they do? I'm gonna guess no, because if you did you'd realize that your question has no correlation to this FML.

actually, considering SSRI's are linked to disturbing thoughts and behavior changes in children(and chasing someone with a hammer is a disturbing behavior), and most of the school shooters were taking or had just stopped taking SSRI's, I would say it is related

Going to start a Master's in counseling or therapy next year. Yes, I know.

Am I stupid if I had to google what a SSRI is?

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82- Not stupid at all. If you were stupid, you would be annoying us FMLers by asking what SSRIs are. What you've done is what should be the norm, looking something up and cross-referencing for yourself.