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Today, after weeks, I've finally reached my goal and lost 10 lbs. My sister got jealous about me losing weight, and told my parents and coworkers that I'm anorexic. Hello, intervention. FML
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kickazz16 15

ignore her. you're amazing for completing that hard goal and congrats! keep it up!

TripOnShoelaces 0

Tell them about her having an over-eating disorder. Works the same way.


kickazz16 15

ignore her. you're amazing for completing that hard goal and congrats! keep it up!

CaramelRainbows 2

I think as revenge she should tell her parents that her sister is quite overweight.

YourEvilHero 12

tell your parents about those "pills" you found in her pocketbook

I agree! Good work losing your 10pounds, and stick to your goal. Now that you reached your goal, don't be contempt and put it back on again though.

Eff Interventions, Barrett's where it's at!

Weetart 8

I think you mean tempted, not contempt. ^_^

agaba 0

Celebrate with barbecue and smores.

agreed!!! feel proud you achieved it!!! and dont worry about what she says, anyways you know it's not true ;)

I was thinking it should have been "complacent". Well done on the weight loss tho OP

how do I know she isnt underweight, and her sister is worried about her? Or is everyone on this thing fat as an elephants ass?

TripOnShoelaces 0

Tell them about her having an over-eating disorder. Works the same way.

or tell them that she's a compulsive liar.

WallyTheWombat 0

Tell them that she took to prostitution to support her drug habit and that her baby's daddy is the one pimping her out.

TeamCoCo 0

don't say anything and ignore it

sillyjb 9

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everybodyluvsMEN 0

You do realize intervention is an actual word and thing and not just a TV show, right?

180- epic win even though a 180 no scope isn't as good as a 360 no scope

Eh, atleast you lost the weight. Don't sweat it.

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mad_hatter0666 22

really? what part of that sounds like denial?

Actually, that's where my mind went to first, as well. I guess it just depends on whether you're a pessimist or optimist. A person who really is anorexic may think that the people telling her so are just jealous. Furthermore, admittedly, I haven't personally known very many people who struggled with anorexia, but, logically, I would think that if she's skinny enough for people to believe she's anorexic, she doesn't need to be losing 10lbs, lending credence to the pessimistic point of view. Sorry for writing a book of a comment. lol

....because clearly everyone who manages to lose weight is anorexic.

10 pounds, bro. That's not anorexic unless she did it by starving herself and her current weight is 85 pounds. Also, if she was anorexic she wouldn't be like "yay, my goal!" She'd say, "I still look disgusting and fat" and would continue trying to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. Think.

No, but it's very possible that she is anorexic. We don't know that losing 10 pounds didn't bring her from 95 lbs to 85. I'm not saying it's the truth, but just that it's possible.

A good friend of mine is recovering from anorexia, you wouldn't tell people that you lost 10 pounds because you'd be thinking to yourself, "I need to lose more" People have called me anorexic before, because when I'm working on important projects I forget to eat, and I always lose weight when I'm stressed. Not every skinny person is anorexic. Btw, InASortOf and UbertwatchBN, I'm not angry with you, as maybe it seems from my tone. I'm just sharing my experience.

SmallTownCutie 0

I have personally suffered from anorexia before and have recovered. In the BEGINNING stages, I would announce weight loss and be proud that i was getting closer to my goal, which was 90 pounds, until I realized people stared to worry. Then it's bottled inside along with the feelings. It is possible she's in the beginning stages and her sister us trying to help her before it gets worse. But, it's also possible she did this healthily and her sister is jealous. We don't know everything.

Well she didn't ever say HOW she lost the weight...

ohrlynao 0

Oh, of course. Healthy weight loss is absolutely a sign of anorexia. I mean, nobody ever loses weight without ab eating disorder, right?

The early stages of anorexia can be just like normal dieting. OP didn't say she announced her weight loss or that she was done losing weight. She may have developed a problem without realising it. Her sister may have noticed her odd eating habits and become concerned. Saying the sister is jealous would be a pretty standard response from someone who is anorexic. Also consider the possibility that OP's family would have to be concerned about OP to hold an intervention, if she NEEDED to lose 10 pounds or more they would probably be happy for her not worried. On the other hand, the sister may have a problem! Turning the attention on someone else and their weight loss to deflect attention their own is pretty classic for an eating disorder. OR the sister is just a bitch..

hey, you know the truth! and I am happy for you! Congrats!

na na na na na I bet you, stick your head in doo doo

austo97 0

Tell everybody she has an eating disorder, that'll be a heavy blow

that's terrible advice. Ever hear of treating others how you would like to be treated? If she hated how her sister said that she had an eating disorder, why the hell should she say it back ABOUT her sister?

nlr 9

have you ever heard of revenge?!

I agree with Tess, 2 wrongs don't make a right.

lanier25n 7

Haha, gotta fight fire with fire. Don't hate on the mans thoughts ladies.

ReynshineCutting 10

It's not really "2 wrongs". It's teaching her a lesson firsthand which a lot of people in this world really need. The most effective way to teach someone a lesson is giving them the experience.

28. seriously. "treat others how you want to be treated" well obviously that's how ops sister wants to be treated. so I say the next time your sister accomplishes something tell a lie to make it seem like she's either doing something illegal, or that she's a *****. or even harmful. like if she lost weight. or gained weight really fast.

are you listening to yourself? lie to make it seem like she's a *****? or into illegal shit? that's just terrible.. who would actually do that?

68- it is two wrongs. It's two lies, lying is wrong. OP just has to prove she isn't anorexic and her sister will be dealt with by the family for lying, OP lying will only hinder her chances of proving she isn't anorexic cos her parents won't believe a word she says.

CaramelRainbows 2

28 has obviously never heard of sarcasm or revenge. the sister said that OP has anorexia, so what OP's sis deserves is OP telling mom and dad about little sister's "eating disorder".

for holy shit's sake, Tess. this is a website full of people saying things to entertain one another. I doubt that in the history of this website anyone has taken a single piece of advice from these comments and used it. everyone here knows it's not serious most of the time so you need to lighten up or go find a forum where everyone is uptight and bitchy as you are.

97, where the hell does it say that OP's sister has anorexia? It doesn't. She's just clearly jealous of the OP's ABILTY to lose that much weight as fast as they did. nowhere did it say that the sister actually has it. And I firmly agree with you, 82

Wow, 100. I'm just laughing so hard at your reply because I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take it seriously.. you know, coming from someone with a picture as ridiculous as yours. How come a 13/14 year old boy has to take a picture with his shirt up and pointing to his nipple? How can anyone take that seriously? I realize that the internet is full of idiots (obviously) but I love reading this website and have probably been on here for longer than you have. And who are you to tell me what website to go on? Mind your own shit and get a life.

ReynshineCutting 10

So who does "treat others how you want to be treated" actually apply to? You imply that it doesn't apply to everyone since OP's sister was a bitch. By the "treat others..." rule, OP treated was a bitch to her sister, therefore she wants/deserves to be treated the same way. So pick a side. It's either treat others how you want to be treated which is an open door for teaching people lessons when they act like bitches, or ignore their behavior altogether because "two wrongs don't make a right". It's one or the other.

Hey Tess, welcome to FML. This is a magical place where small children are called bitches, girls are advised to dump and/or kick the balls of their boyfriends for farting at the wrong moment, parents steal money from children, men are encouraged to beat their pregnant wives for not making them sammiches, and other sundry horrible things go on. You know what I do? I sit back and laugh, and occasionally insert a smart-ass remark. You might try it.

gangssaboo 0

her sister started the thing about her having an eating disorder, personally I would want revenge. so Tess, you seriously need to just keep your "words of wisdom" to're no ones mommy or daddy.

Debbie's out. The new phrase is now "Tessie downer." ex- I was laughing at the silly, obviously sarcastic things FMLers say, when this total Tessie downer came in preaching superiority and crankiness. womp wommmmp.

jellitonoctopus 19

Tess, don't make fun of other peoples profile pictures if you're too insecure to post one of your own.

Your sister is child like, instead of wasting her time doing so she she should get her lazy behind on the treadmill!