Far out, man

By shroomda - 29/06/2009 07:29 - United States

Today, I called my dad to wish him happy birthday. The phone was disconnected, so I called my sister to see what his cell phone number was. She then informed me that our dad was in jail for selling shrooms to teenagers at a music festival out of state. FML
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Well look at the bright side - he'll still have a "cell".


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he was probably sneaky and she would never suspect her DAD to do it. god some people can be idiotic sometimes.

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was it electric daisy carnival in LA? it was tooo sick :D but i heard a lot of people got overdosed

Haha I was just going to say it was probably EDC.. What a badass the OP's dad is, flying out of state for a two-day concert..

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Thats more of a FHL not so much your life

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Seriously, how do you not know that your dads in jail?

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its an fml cuz no one bothered to tell her that her dads in jail ..

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@108--- I talk to my dad but my sister hardly ever does, except for, you know, Christmas or birthdays and stuff like that.

In fairness, OP, you did find out his "cell".

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... Can I buy some shrooms from your dad when he's out? Lol. I'm sorry, that does suck.

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Comfest? tell your dad I said thanks

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The OP may not live at home, and the sister still might. Just a thought.

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I didnt have any money =/ but I was there

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He was selling to teenagers. And it was bonaroo, right? Just be glad he wasn't the dead body.

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Your dad is a terrible person.

Yeah, that's kind of a big thing to miss...

Yeah, because the first thing he would do is tell his daughter. What you, you think that kids can hide their stash from their parents for YEARS and parents can't do the same? It's just the family unit protecting itself.... OP, your life isn't ******, your dad just sounds a little immature. At least it was shrooms and not like...meth or something.

Your dad's life is more F'd than yours.


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sounds like something my dad would do DX

that's what I was thinkin FYL for you dad holding out on you like that