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Today, I discovered my sister has a crystal meth problem when she set fire to our house. FML
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Damn, that's crazy, sucks you had to find out like tot op I'm sorry :(


Damn, that's crazy, sucks you had to find out like tot op I'm sorry :(

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It would have sucked to find out any way. I hope that everything can be recovered and this is a wake up call for your sister.

This really reminds me of the "Masterdebaters" video on YouTube. But, I guess that's what tweakers do when they're bored.

Was your sister flaming hot by any chance? But that really sucks. Sorry OP. Got Fire insurance?

^ That wasn't a good joke. And really, the girl is a meth addict who set fire to a house and could have almost killed people. This is not really the joking kind of FML.

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Maybe she saw a Power Thirst video?

67-The first part was a joke, the rest wasn't. I know it was a bad joke but everyone makes bad jokes sometimes.

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the addiction is burning inside her

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^ I see what you were going for there

It would have been better to find out without the house burning down losing all their possessions and potentially losing her in the process.

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This FML makes me sad :( Fdrugs

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Of course they don't. The cool ones are the ones walking away slowly while the background is exploding into a fiery hell.

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Actually not 'only in new york' that s@$t is e everywhere......

I thought the others guys proved that walking away from the explosion is fake

Probably the worst way to learn. Sorry op :(.

I think the worst way would be if she died in the explosion. This way you can attempt to help (or get the camera crew and make some money off your family's pain - isn't tv wonderful?) I just hope things work out for op - unfortunately you can't help someone who doesn't want it :(

That's not a meth problem, that's just a setting the house on fire problem

Hmm.. why so many thumbs down? Do you know how many people die in meth lab explosions? It's terrible. And has no one else confronted a seriously ill person they love only to be screamed at, threatened, or attacked? I have. And doesn't anyone else hate how some people who can't afford private help are sometimes forced to go public and turned into entertainment for others while some guy in an office is sitting there making billions off them? Programs like "Intervention" and "Hoarders" should exist without the cameras imo.

Girls like that are hot... Not only is she a druggie, she's a pyromaniac! ;) sexy.

Dafuq????? O.o you have an odd Taste in women

Actually, no. It makes peoples teeth fall out and make them look about 50 when they're actually 20.. It can destroy a persons life. I don't consider that sexy.

Come on #6 he doesn't hve an odd taste in women, he is in to classy ladies! I bet he also likes cheap ****** looking to turn a trick for .50 cents!

No we got it, it was just a bad JOKE not sarcasm, learn the difference.

She's pretty hot. After the house she set afire engulfs her.

Yea meth addicts are hot sores and all ****** weirdo

You wouldn't say that if she tried to burn down your house

59 - What does that have to do with anything?

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^96, 59 is referring to when 12 said something about a .50 cent hooker, .50 cents is half a cent. XD

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106 - I know, I was just wondering why it was important to mention that. xD

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Put her in rehab and hope for the best.

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The best thing to do would be to help her =] i agree #5

Or just call 1-800-chokedathoe. Tyler Perry will be there to save you!!

Doesn't she watch "Breaking Bad", that sh%t is bad for people!... And apparently your house!! Sorry Op, fyl!

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But other drugs cure cancer and bring babies back to life right?

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today, not only did I light my house on fire, by my family also found out I do meth. I don't know which ones worse. FML. sorry you found out this way! hope everyones safe though! FYL

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That's not a crystal meth problem!! *laughs creepily* that her wanting to murder you ^_^ the crystal meth was an after thought

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Dudette are you on your time of the month and meth right now, don't worry we won't judge *cough* *yeah right* dam you usually have some pretty decent comments but all of your comments on the last few fmls are like wtf!?

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Whatever 29, i think she's pretty awesome.

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#43 She usually is pretty awesome, usually.

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wow... u again. just stop. seriously. stop. your comments suck.

Agreed I think she was gettin him out of the way